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Culture & Climate » Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports/Restorative Practices

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports/Restorative Practices

Research based effective approach to creating, teaching, and reinforcing students’ social, emotional, and academic learning skills that improve and sustain academic achievement as well as the well-being of all students. The resources below assist the implementation of the PBIS/RP  to create, support, and enhance a positive school culture and climate where all stakeholders feel welcomed, validated, and supported. PBIS/RP incorporates a Multi-tiered Integrated Strategies & Resources approach with foundational discipline policies and procedures.

LAUSD School Resources

Earn Detention
1) Be late "Tardy" to any period more than five times. Following a progressive discipline model students earn an hour of detention on the fifth tardy (and each subsequent). Progressive discipline model includes four communications with the student and two communications with the parent/guardian. 
2) For a consequence from a violation of LAUSD and School policy and procedures. 
Serve Detention
Speak to your counselor and the school dean for more information. 
Be prepared to be available during lunch, after school, and Saturdays