Chatsworth Charter High School

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G+STEAM Magnet Home




"Transform Your Tomorrow Today!"


An inclusive Gifted STEAM Magnet Center with pathways including Computer Science and soon Engineering Technologies. Students can also take advantage of the home campus  pathways in the careers and technical education courses. Including access to all AP courses on campus.




All students graduate prepared for STEAM colleges and careers. Faculty and staff hold students to high expectations, implement a powerful curriculum, and cultivate a passion for  lifelong learning. Working together with our community partner’s students participate in rigorous academic programs that cultivate and expand their capabilities in STEAM fields. Our students connect theory with practical experiences that advance the development of communication skills, analytical thinking, community building, and innovation.
Safeguard an environment that embraces, includes, accepts, appreciates, and celebrates the diversity of all students’ cultures and backgrounds. The magnet center is  committed to serve the needs of every student. Our welcoming faculty implements student-centered instruction and collaboration among stakeholders to support achievement. Students are encouraged, engaged, and prepared for STEAM colleges and careers by the delivery of relevant standards-based lessons, applied with intrinsic project-based learning principles, and implemented with differentiated instructional techniques.
The LAUSD Board Goals focus our efforts to realize student success in four areas: post-secondary readiness, literacy, numeracy, and social-emotional/wellness. The Four Pillars of the Path to Recovery represent a holistic approach in our responsiveness to student need, recognizing that the path to recovery, healing, and acceleration requires support for students that is targeted and takes into account both their general wellbeing and instructional needs.