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Let your voice be heard, get Engaged! Join a club, organization and committee. Listen and look for messages in schoology, school calendar, lunch time, advisory, chat and more.

Class of

Steering Committee



Ms. Farrington- Zapata,

Ms. Cruz


Ms. Ramos

Ms. Rochetti


Mr. Gardner

Mr. Cooper


Ms. Ramos
Mr. Gardner
Speak to a member or the sponsor for more information. 

Club Name

Meeting Room & Sponsor

Boys n Girls Club

Mon - Thu 3:30-6:00 pm Z-196

Best Buddies

(Varies) J73 Mr. Peres

Black Student Union

Wednesdays  lunch  D13 Mr. Grooms, Ms. Holden


(varies) Lunch A4 Ms. Rochetti


(Varies) Mr Upadyhay S-85

Class of 2024 Senior Steering Committee

Thursdays, Lunch, F36, Ms. Cruz, Ms. Farrington-Zapata

Class of 2025 Junior Steering Committee 

Thursday, lunch,N214, Ms. Ramos, Ms. Rochetti

Class of 2026 Sophomore Steering Committee

Thursday, lunch, N217  Mr. Gardner, Mr. Cooper

Class of 2027 Freshmen Steering Committee

Tuesday, lunch, N214  Ms. Ramos,

Classroom Care

Every other Friday  lunch; N206, Mr. Grigorian

Coding Club

Wednesdays lunch, N216, Mr.Gardner

Cooking Club

Monday, J77, lunch, Mr. Douglas

Crochet and Knitting Club

Wednesdays, lunch, B7 Ms. McNiff, Ms. Hernandez


(Varies), G44, Mr. Hayes

Drama Club

Thursdays lunch S84, Ms. Fasano


Friday, lunch, N217, Mr. Cooper


Thursday Lunch Z197 Ms. Almany

H2 Racers

Thursday, Lunch, H62, Ms. Tashjian, Ms. Tavitian

Hispanic and Latino Club

Mondays during lunch  F36. Mrs.Cruz,  Ms. Farrington-Zapata

Interlude Magazine

Monday, lunch, B7, Mrs. McNiff

It' s Okay to not be Okay

Fridays,  lunch,  N216, Mr. Gardner

Jewish Student Association

(Varies) A4, Ms. Rochetti 

Key Club

Wednesdays, lunch, Oral Arts, Mrs. Alcorn, Ms. Ramos

Korean Club

Every other Friday, lunch, F37, Mrs. Kim

Link Crew

(varies) J72 Ms. Alcorn

Medical Club

(varies) Lunch, S88 Ms. Ochoa

Mock Trial

Fridays lunch, G42 McCormick

MUN Club

Tuesday lunch, G42 McCormick

Muslim Student Association

(varies), F34 Ms. Vasquez

National Honors Society

Wednesdays, M110, lunch, Ms. Wiesner

Red Cross

(varies) Leadership Class, Ms. Wiesner

Relay For Life

Mondays lunch, E26 Ms. Lauritzen.

Robotics Club

Monday 3:45-5 Mr. Hill, Mr. Fischbach 

Science and Engineering Club

Wednesdays, Lunch H-62 Ms Tashjian


Wednesdays  lunch  N216  Mr. Gardner

Student Climate

every other Monday, M110, lunch, Ms. Wiesner

TUPE (Tobacco Use Prevention Education) Club

Mondays lunch  N214, Ms. Ramos.


(varies) Lunch, G45 Ms. Bluman

Young Life

Thursday, H62, lunch, Ms. Lopez