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G+ STEAM Magnet Center » Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

California Department of Education and Los Angeles Unified School District determine the total courses needed for a diploma. UC and CSU schools have other criteria that also add to the requirements of College acceptance.
There are two Computer science courses the students will be asked to take during their Four years.
AP Computer Science Principles  (suggest 9th or 10th) and AP Computer Science  "A" (suggest 10th or 11th) 
FYI: UCOP approved courses can be found at the following link 
Choose top right course list to see Chatsworth Specific Courses
A-G Requirements 
Freshmen in 2020-2021 have a graduation year of 2024. The following link is current 2020-2023 graduation years.
Freshmen in 2021-2022 graduation standards have added Ethnic Studies requirement (more to come)
A. History/Social Science
3 years
(AP, H) World History 10th gr
(AP, H) US History 11th gr
AP Government & Economics 12th gr
B. English  4 years 
(H) English 9th gr,  English 10th gr
AP English Language  11th gr 
AP English Literature 12th gr
C. Math
3 years 
(4+ Rec)
(H) Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2
Pre-calculus, AP Calculus Ab
AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics
AP Computer Science Principles
D. Laboratory Science
2 years 
(3+ Rec)
(AP, H) Biology, Chemistry, Physics
AP Environmental Science
AP Computer Science "A"
E. Language Other Than English  2 years 
Spanish, Korean, Italian, French...
F. Visual & Performing Arts 1 year 
Same discipline and in sequence
G. College Preparatory Elective 1 year 
Computer Science
H. Physical Education 2 years  PE or Sports
I. Health 1 semester  Health
Total 210   Numerical Credits
Other Requirements    
Service Learning Project Based Assignment Done usually in Social Science Course
Career Pathway Magnet Theme Courses 2 mentioned above