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Graduation Requirements

California Department of Education and Los Angeles Unified School District determine the total courses needed for a diploma. UC and CSU schools have other criteria that also add to the requirements of College acceptance.
A-G Requirements 
Freshmen in 2020-2021 have a graduation year of 2024. The following link is current 2020-2023 graduation years.
A. History/Social Science
3 years
(AP, H) World History 10th gr
(AP, H) US History 11th gr
AP Government & Economics 12th gr
B. English  4 years 
English 9th gr
English 10th gr
AP English Language  11th gr 
AP English Literature 12th gr
C. Math
3 years 
(4+ Rec)
Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2
Pre-calculus, AP Calculus Ab
AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics
D. Laboratory Science
2 years 
(3+ Rec)
(AP, H) Biology, Chemistry, Physics
AP Environmental Science
AP Computer Science Principles or A, Engineering
E. Language Other Than English  2 years 
Spanish, Korean, Italian, French...
F. Visual & Performing Arts 1 year 
Same discipline and in sequence
G. College Preparatory Elective 1 year 
Computer Science
H. Physical Education 2 years  PE or Sports
I. Health 1 semester  Health
Total 210   Numerical Credits
Other Requirements    
Service Learning Project Based Assignment  
Career Pathway Magnet Theme Courses