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Course Flow

Two Thematic Foundational Computer Science courses:
    • Concentrator: AP Computer Science Principles  (9th)
(Count towards another Science Course)
    • Capstone: AP Computer Science  "A" (10th)
(Count towards another Math Course)
Taking these two courses as prescribed provide students with:
    • AP Rigor
    • College and Career Readiness Electives
    • Extra Math and Extra Science course on transcripts
    • Prepare and pass the AP exam, counts for High School and College credit 
       apcsp    apcsa  
Summer before 9th - Bridge Program, Health, PE
Math (see below)
H English 9
H Biology
AP Computer Science Principles 
PE or Sport
Summer before 10th - Language, PE, Ethnic Studies
Math (see below)
H English 10
H Chemistry
AP Computer Science "A" (Extra Math Course)
AP World History
PE or Sport
Summer before 11th - Enrichment
Math (see below)
AP English Language
Ap Chemistry
AP US History
Elective or Sport
Summer before 12th - Enrichment
Math (see below)
AP English Literature
Science (see below)
AP Government & Economics
Elective or Sport
Math Course Sequence
8th Reg Math Accelerated Algebra Geometry
9th H Alg 1 H Geo H Alg 2, H Adv math
math sequ
Math includes many sequences. It depends on your course choice. 9th traditionally start (H) Algebra 1 or (H) Geometry. If you have accelerated in Math and can go into (H) Algebra 2 or (H) Advanced Math that can be arranged. Advanced Math is highly competitive and accelerated math were students learn Algebra 2 and Pre-calculus in one school year. 
Science Course Sequence
H Biology
H Chemistry  
AP Chemistry
AP Biology
AP Physics
AP Environmental Science
As we expand each grade level more electives will follow. 
Currently electives can include select science and math courses, python, AWS - amazon web services, Video Production, AP Human Geography. among other general school courses in culinary arts, graphic design, college dual enrollment, band, leadership, and more.  
California Department of Education and Los Angeles Unified School District determine the total courses needed for a diploma. UC and CSU schools have other criteria that also add to the requirements of College acceptance.
FYI: UCOP approved courses can be found at the following link 
Choose top right course list to see Chatsworth Specific Courses
Freshmen in 2020-2021 have a graduation year of 2024. The following link is current 2020-2023 graduation years.
Freshmen in 2021-2022 graduation standards have added Ethnic Studies requirement (more to come)
History/Social Science
3 years
AP World History 10th
AP US History 11th
AP Government & Economics 12th
4 years 
(H) English 9th,
(H) English 10th
AP English Language  11th 
AP English Literature 12th
3 years 
 Capstone &
Extra Math
(H) Algebra, (H) Geometry, (H) Algebra 2, 
(H) Pre-calculus, (H) Advance Math, 
AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics
AP Computer Science "A"
2 years 
 Concentrator &
Extra Lab
(H) Biology 9th,
(H) Chemistry 10th
AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics 
AP Environmental Science
(11th, 12th)
AP Computer Science Principles
Language Other Than English 
2 years 
Spanish, Korean, 
Italian, French
(best to be done in consecutive years, usually 9th and 10th, some take over summer)
Visual & Performing Arts
1 year 
Same discipline and in sequence
Various years (usually 11th, 12th)
College Preparatory Elective
1 year 
(usually 11th, 12th)
Physical Education
2 years  PE or Sports
1 semester 
(Summer between 8th and 9th)
Total 210   Numerical Credits
Other Requirements    
Service Learning Project Based Assignment Multiple Courses through out High School
Career Pathway Magnet Theme Courses AP Computer Science Principles and "A"