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Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment provides students the opportunity to take college classes while in high school for free.  These courses can count toward the high school diploma, college diploma and/or certificate programs, allowing students to get a head start on their higher education goals.
Vision and Mission
Chatsworth Charter High School, CCHS, supports and guides all students to be college prepared and career ready at graduation. All collaborators of CCHS are committed to providing every student with the opportunity to reach their maximum educational potential in a clean, safe, respectful, and nurturing environment. Chatsworth Charter will cultivate an environment where everyone is encouraged to honor and share cultural backgrounds to promote growth, responsibility, and an appreciation of our diversity. Students will acquire the skills, confidence, and adopt a growth mindset necessary to be lifelong learners and positive contributors in their communities.
Registration is done through the community college in conjunction with the High School Counselor. See your counselor for more information on how you can enroll in courses that can count toward high school and/or college credit.
Our model is focused on the completion of certification while taking classes that support high school and college diploma. The CTE pathway on campus includes a certification process for the students in two ways. The High School CTE pathway provides industry recognized certification for employment once the student completes the course sequence requirements. The college certification also has students complete multiple courses, to complete the colleges certification. Our school site pathway courses will support the certification at the college level with foundational course completion concurrently.  Earn a Certificate of Achievement for industry readiness. LAUSD equivalency allows students to earn high school credit and college credit. Leveraging equivalent courses allows for seamless opportunities to embed the college courses during the school day.  Chatsworth CTE courses will focus on courses that are equivalent to courses offered by the Community College and fulfill some or all of the certification courses needed for the college.
Earn the knowledge needed to manage a business, have ideas come to life, innovate processes, and earn a skillset that provides you flexibility with your present and future. Students that earn the  AWS cloud computing certificate to use the platform or be able to manage others who do. Understand how to support and provide on-demand delivery of technology services through the Internet. If it travels over the internet, it travels through the cloud. Be prepared for your future today.
Dual enrollment provides students the opportunity to take college classes while in high school for free.  These courses can count toward the high school diploma, college diploma and/or certificate programs, allowing students to get a head start on their higher education goals.
A strong, collaborative relationship between the high school, the college, families, community members, and industry partners is an important component of successful dual enrollment programs. Chatsworth will  continue to build relationships with site members, groups, and business. These relationships are fostered by the Dual enrollment support group on campus. The group includes CTE teachers, Administrator, out of classroom personnel, parent's, business leaders, and community members.

In order to expand our program we will need to continue to leverage relationships. These relationships include businesses, community members, parents, and colleges. Our business relationships include industry specific groups that can support the latest skills needed and relevant certification for the industry our students should complete. Business groups will be apart of an advisory board to guide student support and necessary steps to ensure positive progress.  These groups will also continue to help support work based learning opportunities, site field trips, and career event support; guest speakers, materials, and information. Chatsworth will begin to offer parent information session to support families in their efforts to help the student complete the course work requirements. Parents and guardians are our first line of support for the students. We will expand out partnership with the community college with a renewed focus on sequence, process, and progress monitoring of the program. As a CTE school we will strengthen the relationship between the college CTE coordinator and the district CTE Dual Credit team to ensure the District Advisory Board will review all CTE dual enrollment offerings and the suggested credentials/certifications/degrees.
Our pathway is designed to accommodate students earning credit for courses in both high school and college. Dual enrollment with concurrent value. Students will take courses that are part of the College Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) 1-6 course areas and the High School diploma A-G course requirements. This will include students working toward a certification of completion during the same period. As an example, the two AP courses taken in the Computer Science section will count for high school requirements F and G credits and for the IGETC diploma track could count for areas of 2,3,4 These courses also provide students with a third option, a certification of completion. We will use LAUSD District CTE pathway design so students can make progress towards a certificate and/or degree.
Each student will take the concentrator and capstone courses during their bell schedule. The college courses will be set up for enrollment during the first and sixth period day; per semester. Students will take one course each semester during one of the periods listed above. We have mentioned the program plan and how it feeds into the community college programming or IGETC. Chatsworth students will take IGETC and certification courses.  
In an effort to be more purposeful in recruiting underrepresented minority and female students to
College courses for diploma and certification, Chatsworth staff will apply strategies that include emails, posters, messages home, presentations in advisory courses, counselor promotion, Teacher announcements and promotions. We also will study the use of personalized and positive invitations to students from their respected adult on campus to implore them to participate. 
We want to ensure that all students have access to courses including those that traditionally have not had equitable access. Reasons for this discrepancy may include opportunity to take courses do to scheduling issues, time frame of the course, courses provided, specific periods of enrollment. To provide students an incentive for college course enrollment we will hold courses between the bells of our school schedule. Enrollment of students of underrepresented groups into college Dual enrollment courses will provide a foundation for future success. Funds will support students in multiple ways including textbook requirements, financial compensation for staff to support students with mentoring sessions, and the ability to hold courses in and out of the bell schedule time frame. 
During the schedule a student will take either period one and/or period six courses. Each course will have a minimum number of minutes that can be completed during the bell schedule each week with allowing a support day or two depending on schedule requirements of the college course. As an example, the course is taught in first period three times a week. Leaving two periods each week as support time with the school site support staff per college dual enrollment course; it is possible that the course needs only 2 periods per week, leaving three support periods. Other supports will occur outside the bell schedule for the student to access; before and after school and lunch.
School counselors meet with students/families to go over program advising prior to enrollment, support progress monitoring during the course, and celebrate success and provide next steps after course completion. This approach consists of the school counselors support throughout the length enrollment. School teachers and staff will provide students academic support/tutoring/office hours. We will properly record the course completion in the MISIS system utilizing the equivalent courses; this person can provide advising/ check-ins as well.
For equivalent CTE courses, CTE teacher will be in the class with the college instructor and are able to provide additional student services. For other courses a certificated staff member will support the course during the periods.