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Graduate Profile

The following are the five characteristics of a College and Career Ready Graduate from G+STEAM Magnet center.
Graduate Profile:
Effective Communicators Who:
  • Listen, interpret, understand, clarify and respond to information appropriately;
  • Speak, write, and present information in a  coherent, and well-organized professional manner;
  • Use multiple means and languages to collaborate and advocate for themselves.


Critical Thinker Who:
  • Read and comprehend various sources of media for a growth mindset;
  • Employ a rational and analytical approach to problem-solving;
  • Nourish and support innovative and artistic curiosity.
Collaborative Professionals Who:
  • Operate effectively within a group to achieve a universal goal;
  • Manage interpersonal and mutual relationships in a positive and productive manner;
  • Be conscious and respectful of all collaborators social-emotional differences.
Self-Directed Goal-Oriented Individuals Who:
  • Develop personal attributes and skills to be productive and engaged;
  • Showcase initiative to set and accomplish intended goals while self-assessing progress;
  • Be critical consumers of information to conduct themselves in a productive manner.
Responsible Community Members Who:
  • Exhibit honesty, integrity, positive ethics, and inclusive character;
  • Contribute  time and talents to improve their school, families, and community;
  • Achieve short and long-term goals and deadlines.