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School Policies and Procedures » ELECTRONICS POLICY


LAUSD prohibits the use and/or display of cell phones and other electronic devices on LAUSD school campuses. This policy allows cell phones to be in a student's backpack (not visible) and turned to off or vibrate. It is a violation of district policy for a cell phone to be turned to the "on" position during school time. School time is considered to be from the moment a student steps onto campus (within the gates of the school) to the moment they leave (outside the school's gates).

Also, any other type electric devices ( IPOD, MP3 players etc.) are not allowed to be brought onto campus. Students will have the item confiscated by school personnel and parents will be called to retrieve the item.Students may face school disciplinary action if found in possession of these types of devices on any LAUSD campus. Repeated instances of possesion of these tpes of items may result in suspension or transfer to another school. LAUSD policy states that " the schooland/or district is not responsible for lost or stolen items that are not allowable on school campuses per policy"