Chatsworth Charter High School

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Student Home

PHBAO NIGHT have parents email teacher for appointment.
October 15, 2020 6 - 8 pm 
Meetings are held in 5 min intervals, if you need more time schedule another appointment with the teacher.
Student Tech Help
For password, email, and pin related issues please email
Provide your name, birth-date, and school ID.
TEXTBOOKS - What is checked out to you? Find out.
This video shows how to access your Destiny library account through Schoology. Thank you Blair Carroll for creating and sharing the video.
At this time ll sales are stopped. 
  • Know your Advisory Teacher.
  • Have your ID on you at all times. for additional ID or new Picture go to C-11 "The Parent Center"
  • Know your Username and password for your LAUSD email. For help see your Advisory Teacher.
  • Log in / Review your Schoology account and LAUSD email daily.
  • More than a Meal Plan Services can be found in C-10 and Cafeteria.
  • Textbook Services can be reached in C-hall past the Library.
  • Administrators can be reached in various halls. see page for more details
  • Athletic event tickets can be purchased at the event door.
  • A - building includes the following Offices: Main, Nurse, College, Attendance, Pupil Services, Counseling, and Special Education
  • Counselors are in various Halls. see page for more details
  • Dean can be reached in C-9.
  • Hallway Locker Services can be reach at the Student Store.
  • PE Locker Services can be reach through your PE Team / Coach.
  • PE clothes can be purchased at the Student Store.
  • Every student shall:
    • Attend school punctually and regularly
    • Be diligent in study
    • Stay determined and driven
    • Practice respect, kindness, compassion, empathy and courtesy to all
    Please refer to the LAUSD "Parent-Student Handbook" and "School Policies and Procedures" for more detailed explanations of State, District, and School requirements.