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About Us

Home of the Chancellors.

A Los Angeles Unified School District, Affiliated Charter School, located in the San Fernando Valley in the community of Chatsworth, CA. 10027 Lurline Avenue Chatsworth CA. 91311.  est. 1963.


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Vision & Mission

Chatsworth Charter High School, CCHS, supports and guides all students to be college prepared and career ready at graduation. All stakeholders of CCHS are committed to providing every student with the opportunity to reach their maximum educational potential in a clean, safe, respectful, and nurturing environment. Chatsworth Charter will cultivate an environment where everyone is encouraged to honor and share cultural backgrounds to promote growth, responsibility, and an appreciation of our diversity. Students will acquire the skills, confidence, and adopt a growth mindset necessary to be lifelong learners and positive contributors in their communities.


Graduate Outcomes

effect comm
Effective Communicators Who:

-Listen, interpret, understand, clarify and respond to information appropriately

-Speak, write, and present information in a conducive, coherent, and well-organized professional manner



critical think
Critical Thinkers Who:

-Read and comprehend various sources of media for a growth mindset

-Employ a rational and analytical approach to problem solving

-Nourish and support innovative and artistic curiosity





collabCollaborative Workers Who:

-Operate effectively within a group to achieve a universal goal

-Manage interpersonal and mutual relationships in a positive and productive manner

-Be conscious and respectful of all stakeholder's social emotional differences among group members

self directedSelf-Directed Goal-Oriented Individuals Who:

-Develop personal attributes and skills which lead to productive work and community engagement

-Implement the initiative to set and accomplish actions towards intended goals while self-assessing progress


responsible community Responsible Community Member Who:

-Exhibit honesty, integrity, and inclusive character

-Contribute their time and talents to improve their school, families and community

Chatsworth Charter High School (CCHS) Home of the Chancellors, is located north of the Santa Monica Mountains, 33 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, in the northern west portion of the San Fernando Valley. As a Los Angeles Unified School District Affiliated Charter since 2013-14, Chatsworth Charter High School fosters support and shares the community value of social and academic success for all. The community consists of a public library with recent updated facilities and technology, large and small industrial warehousing and manufacturing facilities, an office center, social services locations and county courthouse and varying sizes of apartment complexes, condominiums, and single-family homes. Business types include Domestic and Internationally owned companies that employ and encourage all community members from every socioeconomic group. The Chatsworth neighborhood council comprised of all stakeholders in the area, encourages this wonderful community to shine brighter.
Open since 1963, Chatsworth Charter High School is on thirty-eight acres of central Chatsworth once covered with orange and lemon groves. Chatsworth Charter High School has been able to grow with and support the community. Over the years students have accomplished and persevered through many moments to achieve their goals. The preparation and opportunities for student to shine are fostered from all Faculty and Staff. With dedication, collaboration and rigorous instruction, Chatsworth Chancellors have attained many successes, such as City Titles in Sports, Academic Decathlon awards, Shakespeare Festival accolades, Media Production contest triumphs, and Scholarships for both academics and extracurriculars to major Ivy league, Public and Private Universities. With the education and foundational skills students graduate with from Chatsworth, Chancellors have gone on to build Businesses, star in Motion Picture films, play on Professional Championship sports team, go to the Olympics, support families and support their community. To grow and sustain our success our stakeholder groups meet monthly to best accommodate Parent, Faculty, Staff, Students and other members. Groups include: English Learner Advisory Committee, School Site Council, School Leadership Team, Instructional Leadership Team, Parent Teacher Student Association, Booster Club, Latino Parent Association, African-American Parent Association, All Valley African-American Association, and others that support band, drama, teams and student clubs. The community shines brighter when Chancellors succeed.
Other stakeholder groups include business and community partners with: American Red Cross, California State University Northridge, Chatsworth Chamber of Commerce, Urban Education Partnership, UCLA Reprise Theater, Dekker Design, Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Ludwick Family Foundation, Holy Cross Hospital, STAR Student Poll Worker Program, Pierce College School of Nursing, Mission Valley Community College, Sunrise Assisted Living, CAC Fabrication, Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, Huntington Learning Center, CPR for Life, Earthbound Center and West Valley Occupational Center.
Chatsworth Charter High school, a four-year comprehensive high school and a Title I school, includes students from local public and private feeder schools, immediate enrollment area, neighboring communities and students desiring an informative, engaging and competitive education. Parents and Students desire academic rigor and quality instruction from the school they attend. All stakeholder groups come together to meet the needs of the community and successfully provide the skill set to the students to be college and career ready. Students at Chatsworth take six classes daily and the year is divided into two semesters. The immediate area in and around Chatsworth includes more than 20 elementary and middle schools. Chatsworth Charter High School is privileged to service them and others. The percentage of families applying and eligible for free or reduced lunches has been increasing in the last few years.