Chatsworth Charter High School

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School Policies and Procedures » Bicycles, Skateboards and more

Bicycles, Skateboards and more

Bicycles and scooters are to be walked on and off campus at all times. Lock up your item in the designated Lock up area across from the football field snack bar behind room M-109. 
Skateboards are to be walked on and off campus at all times. All skateboards must be locked away either in the skateboard locker located at the entrance of A-building, or in the student's personal locker that has been assigned to him/her. Carrying the board around during the day is not permitted.

Students that do not lock items appropriately will have item confiscated. First offense the item can be picked up in the Deans office in C-9 at the end of the day. Second + offense a parent/guardian must come to school to retrieve the item.
No motorized and/or non-motorized devices are allowed on campus without proper permission, usage, registration, insurance,  licensing, and other necessary items according to Federal, State, and LAUSD laws and regulations.