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Dress Code

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Students will be provided with a quality education in a safe environment. School interactions are an important part of campus life, school is a place where the “business” of learning is of the utmost value.  The presence of certain types of clothing and attire can interfere with these objectives. Therefore, the standards stated below shall be adhered to at Chatsworth High School by all students.
All outfits must be safe and not a distraction or hindrance to the learning of the students and others. Clothing or adornments that are sexually revealing, suggestive, obscene, culturally insensitive, or which promote drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or violence may not be worn. Only those headgear/hats that are sold or otherwise furnished by the school or a school approved organization may be worn on campus. All other headgear/hats are prohibited. CCHS Headgear/hats must be worn facing forward and must be removed upon entering a classroom or office.
Clothing or adornments that are sexually revealing, suggestive, obscene, culturally insensitive, or which promote drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or violence may not be worn, including/ but not limited to:

  • Shirts that expose any stomach/midriff from the bottom of the top garment & the top of the bottom garment
  • Excessively short shorts 
  • See- thru garments that allow undergarments to be viewed
  • Sleeveless shirts (undershirts, tank tops, undershirts, basketball jerseys with
  • no shirt underneath) 
  • Tube tops, halter tops or tank tops 
  • Spaghetti straps 
  • Strapless or one strap garments
  • Low cut revealing necklines that would be deemed inappropriate in a business environment
  • Pants worn below the hips-hip bone
  • Any article of clothing or alteration of such which depicts words, symbols or images that incite any culture, gender, religion or ethnicity.
  • Gang-Related clothing and /or paraphernalia may not be worn
  • Bandannas, hair nets and knit caps
  • Excessively baggy pants that hang and show underwear
  • Long “cut-off” type shorts with socks pulled high
  • Wallet chains, spiked belt chains and/or collars, handcuffs and safety pins worn as accessories
  • Any jewelry or adornment depicting gang symbols
  • Attire memorializing personal friends, i.e. “R.I.P.” or “In Memory Of...”
  • Athletic sweat “head” bands other than those promoted by CCHS OR CCHS sports teams during school activities

The following Costume guidelines shall apply:

  • Students and staff may wear costumes to school according to guidelines established by the school, district, county and state. They must be safe and not hinder or distract the learning of the students and others.
  • Costumes shall not be demeaning to any person or group based on age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, nationality, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or to any individual staff or student.
  • Costumes must comply with the dress code restriction and not contain images that are “vulgar, sexually suggestive, discriminatory, obscene, libelous, contain threats, or that promote illegal or violent content such as the unlawful use of weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or drug paraphernalia” or cause a significant disruption or distraction to the school program.
  • No weapons or replica weapons are to be brought to school. (including fiction and non—fiction)
  • Mask may not be worn
  • No costume can be worn that is unsafe or that may create a safety hazard. Costumes may not impair a student’s vision or movement (ex. travel safely, ability to climb stairs).
  • Students and staff who wish to be excused from participating in a holiday program due to religious beliefs must be accommodated without penalty or bias (see BUL-5479.2).