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Jessica Bishop » 10th Grade English (Honors)

10th Grade English (Honors)


THEMES:  Social Justice, Law, Activism, Progress and Change  


Learning Goals:

Critical Thinking/Analyzing Literature

  •       Understand relationships between ideas
  •       Discover patterns throughout history 
  •       Observe commonalities
  •       Study multiple and varying perspectives
  •       Make cross-curricular connections 
  •       Recognize real-world applications of academic concepts

How: Direct References to Text(s) and Inferences


Productive Collaboration/Effective Communication

  •      Understand significance of ideas, audience and purpose
  •      Utilize technology to access information and share knowledge
  •      Embrace creativity and ingenuity
  •      Contribute, function and respond appropriately in group settings
  •      Adhere to professional work place norms
How: Hands on, real world, project-based learning


Required Text:

 myPerspectives ELA California Grade 10 

On days when textbooks are not used in class, they should be kept in your locker.


Course Objectives:

Students will use an inter-disciplinary approach to reading, writing, speaking, and listening, as applied to a rigorous curriculum that encourages critical thinking, problem solving, evidence- based decision making, historical and social connections, and collaboration (Common Core). Technology and real world application are emphasized so that students become college and career ready.


Click on these links below for more information about Common Core State Standards:


Students will read synthesize and produce dynamic content from a variety of media

Students will collaborate effectively within a group dynamic to achieve a common goal

Students will use hands-on skills to become culturally and academically literate with a broad global understanding.

Students will harness creativity through digital and media technology to impact an ever-changing world.


Classroom Norms and Expectations:

  1. Bring all required materials to class Keep textbook in locker when not in use.
  2. Respect others, classroom property, and the property of
  3. Bell to bell learning is expected.
  4. Any distracting behavior will not be allowed in class.
  5. Electronic Devices may only be used in specific circumstances with teacher permission. Charging of  electronic devices is never allowed.
  6. It is your responsibility to make-up work or tests missed immediately upon return from an excused absence. All work is posted online and most can be completed online. See me or email me with
  7. I do not offer extra credit; however, students have unlimited opportunities to complete additional assignments or resubmit assignments to improve their grade. Any assignment as student submits becomes part of their overall grade. Students are encouraged to do as much work as they need to meet their Learning Targets.

Academy Dishonesty and Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Any work that is not your own, or is not cited properly must be resubmitted for a grade. We use MLA for all document formatting and citations.


  1. Mastery Learning and Grading

    Students are graded on their Mastery of 14 Learning Targets for English Language Arts


    1.         Support analysis of content with strong textual evidence and use evidence to strengthen ideas
    2.         Determine a theme, idea or claim of a text, determine its purpose, and analyze in detail its development.
    3.         Understand and interpret the text-specific meaning of words and phrases.
    4.         Develop arguments to support claims using reasoning and evidence.
    5.         Create informative/explanatory documents to examine and convey complex ideas.
    6.         Write narratives using effective details and sequencing.
    7.         Produce writing that is appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.
    8.         Utilize writing process to develop writing (planning, revising, editing, rewriting, and publishing).
    9.         Use technology to produce and publish dynamic content for academic and creative purposes.
    10.         Conduct research projects by gathering credible information and synthesizing multiple sources.
    11.         Utilize and attribute textual information appropriately and cite sources using MLA Format
    12.         Participate effectively in classwork and discussions by posing and responding to essential questions.
    13.         Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard academic English.
    14.         Collaborate productively in whole group, small group and partner settings.


    Mastery Rubric

    Students will be given scores on assignments within each Learning Target based on a 4 Point Rubric

     4 Point Rubric                   Description

     4 - Mastery                        Complete and detailed understanding, above grade level, and beyond what has been taught

     3 - Proficiency                   Considerable understanding at grade level of what has been taught

     2 - Basic                            Some understanding, but just below grade level

     1 - Limited                         Little understanding or demonstration of what has been taught

     0 - Inconclusive                 Student has not shown ability or teacher cannot determine student’s ability


    Notes about Mastery Grading

    •      Students class grades are based solely around student performance on learning targets.
    •      Students are graded on a median of their scores, not an average
    •      Emphasis is placed on the process involved in producing work, not just the final product
    •      Extra credit is not offered, but students can re-submit most assignments for higher scores.
    •      Mastery learning provide opportunities for enrichment for students who require a challenge, and continued support for those who are struggling to meet proficiency.
    •      Marking period grades reflect the progress that students have made. If a student has struggled at the beginning, but then mastered a learning target, the grade they get will reflect that mastery.
    •      Students receive a Mastery Score for each Learning Target.
    •      Final Grades will reflect the median of the Mastery Scores.
    •      No more points, no more percentages, no more averages.
    •      Students and parents are expected to use Schoology to monitor their own progress.


    Grade Equivalencies

    This is how scores are transferred to a letter grade.

          3.5 to 4          =    A

          3.2 to 3.4       =    B

          2.9 t0 3.1       =    C 

          1.8 to 2.8       =    D

          below 1.8       =    F

How FINAL GRADES are determined? (This is what parents always want to know)


Mastery Complete and detailed understanding, above grade level, and beyond what has been taught and apply them in a variety of situations.

Mostly 3.5’s.  No 2’s, 1’s, in any target.



Approaching Mastery Considerable understanding at grade level of what has been taught.

Mostly scores above 3. No 1’s in any target.


Proficiency Understanding and applying what has been taught at grade level

Mostly 3s. No 1’s.


Basic Limited understanding or demonstration of what has been taught. Some understanding, but just below grade level.

Mostly 2’s.


Inconclusive Student has not shown ability or teacher cannot determine student’s ability

Mostly 1s, with a few higher scores.


Parent/Student/Teacher Communication:

Preparedness, follow through, regular attendance, and teacher communication are the best ways to be successful in this class. Use of technology is incorporated into the curriculum, and students are expected to access the technology. NO EXCUSES.

  •      I use Schoology to post grades, assignments, projects, and dates of tests/quizzes, and other important class information.
  •      You can sync the CCHS school calendar to your google calendar or iCalendar, or you can download it, print it and keep it in your folder.
  •      The best way for parents or students to contact Mrs. Bishop for any reason is by e-mail at [email protected]. You will receive a response within 36 hours, although typically much sooner. All of these things can be done from an internet accessible computer, tablet, or smart phone.



English 10AB meets the basic tenth-grade English requirement for graduation and fulfills the B requirement of the UC/CSU Subject Area Requirements.




Here is a file I can use to figure out what my current class grade is: