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Student Attendance/  Engagement & Participation regarding distance learning

Definitions that signify the student is “in attendance”:

Evidence of participation in daily live interaction and/or other online activities (e.g. Zoom, Schoology conferencing)

Completion of regular assignments (e.g. submitted through Schoology/other platforms or email)

Completion of assessments (e.g. in Schoology or other SSO enabled apps)



 State of California

Compulsory Full Time Education Code 48200

All students are expected to attend school every day, on time.  California's compulsory education law (EC 48200) requires each person between 6 and 18 years of age to attend public, full-time day school and requires their parents or guardians to send them there, unless legally exempt.  According to Education Code 48260, any pupil who is absent from school without a valid excuse for three full days, or who is tardy or absent more than any 30-minute period during the school day without a valid excuse on three occasions, or any combination thereof, may be considered “truant.”  Truancy is a court-punishable offense for both the child and the child’s guardian.


 The LAUSD goal for all students is maintaining a Proficient/Advanced attendance rate, which means 7 or less absences throughout the entire school year.  Achieving Proficient/Advanced attendance is directly tied to student achievement.



Students are considered chronically truant once they’ve accumulated 15 + absences (regardless of whether they are excused absences or not). The district will be closely monitoring student’s that have extensive absences in their attendance history.




Please contact the Attendance Office if you have any questions regarding your child's attendance, our number is 818-678-3400.

Our Pupil Services and Attendance (PSA) Counselor Ms. Giacoma can be reached at 213-725-5600 ext. 2130.