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Special Eduaction


The resource specialist program, as outlined in California Education Code, provides the following:

(1) Instruction and services for those pupils whose needs have been identified in an Individualized Education Program (IEP) developed by the IEP team and who are assigned to general education classroom teachers for a majority of a school day. (2) Information and assistance to students with disabilities and their parents. (3) Consultation, resource information, and material regarding students with disabilities to parents and to general education staff members. (4) Coordination of special education services with the regular school programs for each student with disabilities enrolled in the resource specialist program. (5) Monitoring of pupil progress on a regular basis, participation in the review and revision of individualized education programs, as appropriate, and referral of pupils who do not demonstrate appropriate progress to the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team. (6) Emphasis at the secondary school level on academic achievement, career and vocational development, and preparation for adult life.

This is the instructional program that will be offered for students receiving standards-based instruction during the regular school year. The program’s focus is on evidence-based intervention aligned to English language arts and mathematics curricula. This program is designed to provide targeted intervention related to the student’s IEP goals in reading, writing, and mathematics in addition to the representative curricular standards. All instructional programs for ESY should include reassessment, targeted intervention using an evidence-based program, and post assessment to document progress and provide information back to the student’s teacher. The programs using these courses are SLD, AUTC, DHH, and VI.