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Welcome to the Assessment Services Center 
Students in California participate in standards based assessments. Students particular grade and  subject matter achievement is assessed. It is very important to do the best you can and achieve all you can. College and Career readiness tests can be forgive when scoring exceeds standards. 

Benefits of taking Smarter Balanced Assessments

> The Smarter Balanced Assessments are the only standardized test given in the state that assesses the Common Core State Standards, including higher-level thinking, communication, reasoning, problem solving, and application of knowledge and skills in new situations. In other words, students can show what they know and can do in formats that allow them to construct their own responses (rather than just choosing the best option from pre-determined choices).


> Students / Teachers / Staff can gain information about students’ progress toward meeting grade-level expectations in the core academic areas of English language arts, math, and science, and can plan instruction accordingly.


> By taking the Interim Assessment Blocks in both English and Math, students become familiar with the test and have several chances to get feedback on their performance, before taking the high school Smarter Balanced Assessment


> Each student’s Smarter Balanced Assessment performance provides a profile of the student’s strengths in each subject area tested. Because the Smarter Balanced Assessment has been designed to be a predictor of success in the freshman year in college, students in high school can use their Smarter Balanced Assessment performance as an indicator of areas they might want to strengthen or have strengthen prior to graduation.


> Because the Smarter Balanced Assessment assesses students’ progress toward meeting standards, information regarding the performance of district groups of students can help district staff make decisions about the effectiveness of various instructional programs. First instruction is so critical to meeting the students’ needs. 


>If your test shows that you have met or exceeded the common core standards your college may not require you to take the entry level English and/or Math courses.  The test results will be used as a measure of how well your school has prepared you for college and career. 


Do your best;Good Luck!

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