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Games -4- Change » G4C 2020-2021

G4C 2020-2021

games for change
2021 Competition Ceremony can be found at 
2021 Winning Games
Congratulations to all the students who entered the 2020-2021 Student Challenge. 
Special Winners from Chatsworth Charter High School GSTEAM Magnet include
diversity and understanding of a simple life Prabhjot
The Village in the Hills Matan 
Monkey Banana Quest Vincent 
Great work. 

Challenge Themes provide opportunities for youth to use game design to explore critical issues that connect to their lives. Youth learn about issues that matter to them and learn how to be citizens and change makers. National theme partners provide resources and information and engage in program game jams.

  • BUILD A BETTER WORLD: Games that celebrate diversity and teach people to uplift marginalized voices.
  • ADVOCATING FOR ANIMALS: Games that explore the interconnected relationship between humans, animals and the environment.

Animals – both domesticated (pets) and in the wild – are intermingled with our communities. 

The health and wellbeing of different (yet connected) animal populations depends a lot on the actions of humans, and they are at risk if we do not take steps to protect them.

  • RESILIENCE THROUGH GAMES: Games that elevate self-care, social connection and community support.
Here's how it works: select and research a theme topic:
    • Advocating for Animals
    • Build a Better World
    • Resilience Through Games


      • Design and code a game about the issue 
      • Work alone or in a team of up to 4 people
      • Submit the game to the Challenge Competition 
      • Submissions are open from Feb 1 - April 1
      • Compete to challenge yourself and have fun
      • Compete to win prizes and national recognition.
      • Grand Prize winners receive $1,000 Scholarship
Feb 1: Open submissions
Submit Game to G4C and School Site. (more info here in the spring)
April 1: Close submissions
April-May: Jury evaluates games
May-June: Awards Ceremonies in each Challenge city
$1,000 Grand Prize Scholarship to each student on winning team
Winners: Games, Technology, Trophies, Industry Opportunities, more!
Finalists: Exhibit games at Awards Ceremony Arcade; Receive Certificate and more
Created w/ a free/open platform (ie:  Scratch, Unity, Twine, etc.) 
  • Exception for ‘Build a Better World’ Theme → must be created in M:EE
Playable on a web browser
Must address one of the Challenge themes:
  • Advocating for Animals
  • Build a Better World
  • Resilience Through Games
Students can submit one game per theme category (either as an individual or in a team)
Students under 18 yrs. old must include contact info for a parent/guardian/teacher
Working in Teams
  • Teams can include up to four people
  • Teams submit one entry form
  • Team must identify a ‘Team Leader’ who is responsible for:

-completing entry form on behalf of the team

-serving as primary POC w/ G4C


If any student on the team is under 13 years old, the ‘Team Leader’ must be an adult.
Games will be evaluated on the following criteria by panels of jurors.
  • Is the game playable?
  • Is it smooth and bug-free?
  • Is gameplay well-balanced (not too easy / not too hard)?
  • Do players have meaningful choices in the process of achieving the game’s goals?
Use of Theme
  • Does the game address its theme in a meaningful way?
  • Is the theme at the forefront of the game?
  • Is the theme information presented clearly/accurately
  • Is the game new, fresh and innovative?
  • How unique is the design and game concept?
  • Does it bear little resemblance to other games?
Wow Factor
  • How fun is the game?
  • Would you recommend it to someone else?