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2021-2022 Competition
Themes for this years competition are:

The Game Design Prompt:

How would you help players see what it feels like to learn and think differently? Or how would you design a game that is fun and playable by everyone — no matter how well they can do things like pay attention, read, write, and work with numbers? Help shape the world for all kinds of thinkers. Make a game that raises awareness about learning and thinking differences.


The Game Design Prompt:

We need a comprehensive plan that addresses the impacts of the climate crisis by strengthening our communities’ resilience to climate extremes and reducing carbon emissions. Solutions like adaptation, green infrastructure, public transportation, energy efficiency and clean energy are all promising and within reach. Create a game that shows how we can improve our homes, schools, and communities to be more sustainable and improve people’s health.


The Game Design Prompt:

Think about real-life situations youth encounter when they vote in elections. Make a game that demonstrates the importance of voting, proposes solutions to make the process more accessible, and encourages more young people to participate.