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How To Get a Permit for Activities On-Campus Both
Out-Of-Season and In-Season
  1. Become a member  of NFHS Coaching Organization and pay the $35 fee
    1. As a member of NFHS coaches are automatically provided liability insurance
    2. Go to the following website to apply
    3. Coaches should provide Risk Management with proof of liability insurance
  2. Coaches need to be an LAUSD employee with a current employee number
  3. Coaches need to sign the attached liability waiver for coaches and have the parents of students who are participating sign an out of season liability waiver (below)
  4. Teams may wear the school colors, but may not use the school logo or name for any out of season activities
  5. Teams may not use the school equipment for out of season activities
  6. Coaches may not meet with nor have any contact with students during the dead period.  This includes phone calls, texting and social media
    1. All coaches should confirm their dead period with the athletic director
  7. Beyond the Bell out of season permits
    1. Practice, passing leagues or competition when all participants are LAUSD students, no fees are collected from team participation nor entry as a spectator
      1. Complete the attached Out of Season HS Permit Application which includes a civic center permit application
        1. Follow the procedures outlined in both the application and the BYB Permit Info letter
      2. Meet with the athletic director and select dates (not during dead period)
      3. All free permits must end before 6:00 pm M-F and not exceed 18 hours per week
      4. Students who participate do so at their own risk and practices may not be "mandatory"
      5. Permits will only be granted if approved by the administrator.
    2. Competition where fees are collected
      1. Complete the License Application for Leasing
      2. Meet with the athletic director and administrator to get approval
    3. The following are expectations set by school site administrators:
      1. Complete all the outlined procedures in a timely manner
      2. Maintain communication with the athletic director
      3. Student and staff demonstrate respect for school custodians and other staff members
      4. Student and staff must leave the facilities in good repair
        1. Students must only use designated spaces
        2. Students and staff must leave the area clean
          • This includes water bottles and other items left by teams.
      1. Students and staff respect the designated times and practice and secure facility and equipment upon departure.
News / Informational / Thought Articles
Coaching Self-Evaluation
(required at end of the season)