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About Us




College Bound

Through our College Bound Program, we provide students with resources and knowledge regarding pursuing post-secondary education. College Bound provides students with weekly workshops that teach them about the requirements for college, how to apply for financial aid and scholarships and about the possible fields they may be interested in pursuing as a college major. This program also assists many first-generation students who may not have considered college as a path for them by encouraging them to pursue a college education and assisting them with the process throughout their high school career. Our program also offers a wide variety of resources such as SAT Prep, one-on-one case mentorship, parent meetings, and Financial Aid and Scholarship workshops.


STEPSS- Skills that Empower & Prepare Students for Success Program

STEPSS prepares teens for the world of careers and work. Through STEPSS students embark on a journey to explore possible vocations, make sound educational decisions and find success in the world of work. This program gives students the chance to explore various careers based on their interests and talents, helps them determine the corresponding educational path they need to pursue, and guides them in mapping out a plan for their future.


Writing Lab

The SAT preparation class prepares the students for the actual SAT test that many students take during their senior year. Through this class, students learn different test-taking techniques and complete practice problems to prepare for the test. The class is offered once every semester and once in the summer. It is divided into 7 sessions:

  •       Math (Calculator)
  •       Math (No calculator)
  •       2 sessions for Reading
  •       2 sessions for Writing & Language
  •       Essay

At the end of the preparation class, the students get to attend a whole day mock test, where they get to experience the actual test and score themselves.


Case Mentorship

This program keeps track of the student’s high school progress. Students must bring their current high school transcripts to check the following: grades, GPA’s, A-G requirements, and high school requirements. Students also have the opportunity to begin planning their goals for after high school. Mentors help the students develop their goals and give them the resources to develop them. Students also receive one-on-one assistance with college applications, financial aid assistance, scholarships, SAT/ACT registration, job applications, and tutoring.




The leadership and community involvement program, Keystone, is offered at our high schools to help students enhance their leadership skills, learn more about what the community needs, and to become more involved with the program by volunteering in different events. Through this program, students are able to develop a safe space to express their ideas, work together to make those ideas possible, and have a positive impact on the members. Students plan their own events based on what the community needs the most. The program also gives a number of students the opportunity to attend an annual national conference where they meet other Boys and Girls Club members who have developed skills to support their club and community.


UPS Road Code

Our UPS road code program teaches students ages 14-17 about safe driving. This program is designed to help students who may have their licenses or be getting their license soon to learn effective strategies to avoid traffic collisions and dangerous driving situations. This is an important program for students who are in the highest bracket for deaths as a result of traffic accidents.


Parent Engagement

Our program offers parent meetings and workshops every month with a different topic every meeting. This is to help parents be up to date with their student's education as well as informing them how this program can help their students succeed. We also offer workshops where parents can come in and get one-to-one assistance on financial aid applications and financial award letters. Parents also get the opportunity to hear other parent concerns, ideas of how they are helping their students, and ask questions. 


College Tours

 In efforts of helping our students determine which college will be the best fit for them, we give them the opportunity to visit various different schools. We try to take the students on trips every year over Spring and Summer Break to at least one CSU, UC, Community College, and Private University. 


Meeting Place and Times

Boys & Girls Club meets Monday-Friday, right after school until 6pm, in Room Z-196. We provide tutoring, field trips, college advice, community service, and more. Come and join us!


Message from the Coordinator

This semester we hope to encourage more students to join the Boys & Girls Club and we hope to offer a program for all our students. We will have programs to gear all grades 9th- 12th and we hope to make a big impact in their lives. We will continue to offer scholarship opportunities and help with the transition from high school to college in our College Bound Program. Services such as test prep, campus tours, community service opportunities, and launch our Career Readiness Program will be open to all members. We are excited to welcome new students into our program and look forward to celebrating the accomplishments of our members at our annual Great Futures Celebration this June. Please stop by Z-196 for more information about our program, our doors are always open.


Thank you,


Juliette Guerrero


Contact Us

Site Coordinator: Kiyomi Magee

Email: [email protected]