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Effective Communicator

A pivotal part of college and career readiness is communication. While working in a team students need to understand their team members’ skill sets and learn how to work together to complement each other’s abilities. We helps students take their gaming to the next level, learning leadership, sportsmanship, and communication skills as they play.

Positive Social and Academic Collaboration

Our teams give students a way to channel their love for gaming into something that they can engage in at school alongside their peers. This builds community among peers through their shared interest. Holding students accountable to positive grades and behavior build skills seen in other sports.

Exploration of STEAM Career pathways

Esports offers a variety of ways for students to engage in STEAM concepts, which leads to pathways in college and their careers. For example, students learn data analysis and math to build a stronger strategy for future competitions. Additionally, esports plays an important part in students’ confidence with technology. We are well aware of the careers that surround traditional physical sports; marketing, engineering, agents, managers, therapists, and other positions that keep the athlete and team running smoothly. Many students will begin exploring computers, processing, and even video game programming. Some students even learn to build their own computers to create the best gaming equipment.

Critical Thinking

Video gaming and the brain, evidence shows that gaming can lead to enhanced perception, memory, and more acute focus. These skills are helpful in the game and have a positive effect on student wellbeing and academic performance. We know any extracurricular commitments students make can improve their overall abilities in the classroom. Being a part of esports in a structured environment improves students’ time management and task completion in school.

College and Career Readiness

Students compete alongside their team members in tournaments both virtually and in-person, with students from schools all over the nation and sometimes world. eSports tournaments bring students from different backgrounds and cultures together through their shared interest in gaming. Academic esports even opens up college pathways for many students, with tournaments rewarding significant scholarships and universities recruiting students to participate on their eSports teams.