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Magnet Programs are Court-Ordered voluntary integration opportunities available to students in grades K-12 living within the Los Angeles Unified School District
Any student who lives within the LAUSD boundaries is eligible to apply.
New students need to apply. Students continuing, do NOT file a new application each year.
All Magnet schools use the same application, which can be found online at
Families have the option of selecting up to three schools.
Paper brochures are also available at all school sites, local District Offices, LAUSD Central Office, Parent Community Services Branch, and all Los Angeles City Libraries.
The application needs to be postmarked or electronically submitted by the deadline. Parents who complete the application online will receive an immediate e-mail confirmation. Parents who mail in a completed paper application or hand deliver it to the Student Integration Service at 333 S. Beaudry Ave., 25th Floor – Los Angeles 90017 will receive a confirmation letter after the application has been processed. It is advisable to mail the application as registered mail to verify the mailing date. Unfortunately, the district cannot be held responsible for lost applications.
The following spring, you will be notified as to whether your child was accepted or placed on the district ranked waiting list. If spaces become available, students are taken off the waiting list in order. Magnet Schools that have exhausted their district waiting list but still have openings will take students off the Space Available Walk In list (see below).
In the spring, you can log into the account at . This is the account you created when you applied at echoices. Here you will find out your enrollment options. Parents must accept or decline the offer of enrollment. Families that accept will be contacted to attend our new student registration day. Only students who have been accepted are able to attend this.
 If you still wish to apply file a Space Available application at . Parents are able to apply online for one Magnet school. Parents may also apply using the paper Choices application. All student applications received beginning in December will be on the Space Available listed in the order that they are received. Space Available applications are not assigned priority points and do not accrue priority points. The openings available at that time will be determined by the needs of the school to maintain a racially balanced enrollment. Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee placement.

In April LAUSD will send the Active and Waiting List rosters directly to the school. Families that have been offered enrollment must accept or decline their offer. Once families have done that, if there is space available, the Magnet Coordinator will go first to the district generated waiting list. If there is still space available, the Magnet Coordinator then reviews the Space Available list and offers placement to students if any additional seats are available after all students on the Waiting List have been offered placement. Students from the Space Available list can be offered enrollment (if it becomes available) between April and the first 10 days of school.
The only way to get a child into CCHS GSTEAM is through the Magnet Application Process.

We do not have the authority to make acceptance decisions at the school site.
Students are assigned priority points based on several areas:
      • Applicants who have completed the highest grade level in Magnet Program and apply to continue in the Magnet Program at the next level (elementary school to middle school or middle school to high school), receive 12 points. These are assigned one year only and do not carry over.
      • Applicants placed on a valid on-time Magnet waiting list will receive 4 points per year with a maximum of 12 wait list points over 3 years. If an applicant is on the waiting list and declines an offer, all the wait list points are removed.
      • Applicants whose resident LAUSD School is designated as overcrowded will receive 4 points. These points are reassessed on a yearly basis.
      • Applicants whose resident LAUSD School is designated as Predominantly Hispanic, Black, Asian or other will receive 4 points. These points are reassessed on a yearly basis.
      • Applicants that apply to the same Magnet School in which a sibling is continuing will receive 3 points. Siblings must be living at the same address at the time of application.
The overall maximum number of points possible is 23.
Applicants are sent a letter confirming receipt of their application and the number of magnet points assigned.
Parents who complete the application on-line will receive their confirmation letter via e-mail and will include number of magnet points assigned.
Questions regarding priority points should be directed to Student Integration Services at (213) 241-4177.
Every year this varies. We cannot anticipate how many points applicants will have or how many applications the district will receive.
We accept 80 freshman per year. 
It is made available usually in March. You should receive an email if you applied online, or a letter via US postal service if you filled out a written application.
Once an applicant receives an email or letter of acceptance, you need to go to and log into your account to accept or decline the offer. You can also email contact the schools office to accept or decline. If you have not contacted the school by the deadline you will be automatically declined.

Once applicants enroll in a magnet school they do not have to reapply unless they want to change schools.

Current Magnet students who apply and are accepted into another Magnet program will be automatically dropped from the previous Magnet school.

If applicants are accepted into a Magnet school and decline placement they will lose all previous accrued waiting list points.

Once you accept the placement, CCHSSM will contact you to attend the programming day. Please see the Enrollment forms link so you know which forms need to be completed and brought in.

The only information the school is authorized to provide is the page number of the waiting list that the applicant appears on.
This information was compiled by Student Integration Services. Although we went to efforts to verify the information, the pertinent details can change. This is meant as a guide, but not a legally binding document. For more information go to or call Student Integration Services at (213) 241-4177 or contact the Magnet Coordinator at the school site.
To name a few:
  • Thematic curriculum with STEAM focus through the lens of Computer Science.
  • Whether students want to be a coder, game design, of network architect computer skills are needed to manage future careers. Understand computer science allows students to be more flexible in the options they have for their future. 
  • Students learn a standard in one class it aligns with what they are learning in all courses. 
  • Certification for career and college readiness to become AWS (Amazon web services) certified. 
  • Students supported through small learning community. This is done with cohorting courses. 
  • AP Computer Science Principles adds another Science course and AP Computer Science "A" adds another math course for A_ G requirements and college acceptance.