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Hanna Kim » Syllabus - Korean

Syllabus - Korean

Instructor: Hanna Kim           Room#:  F-37
Email: [email protected]     

Course Description:  The goals and objectives of this course align with the Foreign Language Framework for California Public Schools. This document can be found on the internet at Reading and writing standards are a part of every course curriculum. In addition to coursework and tests, core and benchmark assignments will be used to assess student attainment of Framework-aligned outcomes.

(Foreign Language) Students will learn to function in common daily settings for which they have rehearsed; understand learned words and phrases in authentic texts (oral/written); produce learned words and phrases; deal with discrete elements of life; comprehend and produce oral and written words and phrases; comprehend and be understood by highly-sympathetic natives 

Course objectives: Students will be able to talk about what subject they like and don’t like. They can identify seasons, describe weather conditions and talk about the days and dates of the week. Students will explain how to answer yes/no to a negative question. Students can also talk about what they like to do and what their friends like to do. Talk about what they are doing right now, understand cultural relations among family members. 

Required Textbook:   Epic Korean  

Required Materials:
- 1 Notebook, 1 small notebook, Textbook, Chromebook

Class and Behavior Expectations:
·         Students will log in to Schoology DAILY
·         Students will designate time ea. Day for assignments
·         Communicate with your teacher regularly

 Late work and Make-up Assignments:

  • Assignments that are turned in late will incur a deduction of 10% for every day that the assignment is late.
  • Make up assignments will be accepted without point deduction for students returning from an excused absence.


Attendance Policy
·         Attendance is taken DAILY
·         Attendance is taken during live online classes


·         Academic grade is determined using the following grading scale.

90 – 100% = A

80 – 89% = B

70 – 79% = C

60 – 69% = D

Below 59% = Fail

  •         Weight Scale 

Homework 20%

Classwork   20%

Participation  10%

Quizzes 10%  Test  15%

Project        15%
Rosetta Stone 10%


We hope in working together your child will successfully pass this course and be prepared for the next level.

Please sign below and return to the next class period that you understand our policy.

Student’s Names:                                                         Per.

Parent/Guardian Names:                                       Parent/Guardian Signature: 

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