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Past Assignments


Alcoholic fermentation notes Stamp pg 98

Kahn Academy video

Review page 97  

Student work on page 88 in packet then review

Print out Lab, Take practice test,

begin final exam study guide 

Homework Right side of 98


Begin  Cellular respiration Think about it warm up

Notes for cellular respiration part 1

Finish video Light reaction Do the Calvin cycle for homework

Homework is page 97 Packet 9-1

Print lab How does exercise affect disposal of wastes for cellular respiration See attached 
Chapt * test  Wednesday and that is when your 8-2 Packet is DUE!


Finish packet and review homework Stamp

Beal science video (on you tube) and worksheet to label Start today and finish Monday when we get back from vacation


Chapt 8 test
Homework pg 98 left side
 Print lab (see attached)


Virtual  Lab in Computer room  see attched


Finish coloring pg 78

Copy Photo concept map

Review pg 79, 80  and pg 92 STAMP


Photo notes

Review ATP right side then collect

Left side of homework packet 8-2 Photosynthesis


ATP notes and warm up

Stamp and review homework ATP

ATP video

Homework right side and back


ATP notes and warm up

Stamp and review homework ATP

ATP video

Homework right side


Warm up-ATP notes

Crash course ATP

Homework Left side of ATP 


Monday Nov 6

Organelle Test


Next 2 organelles

Stamp and review pg 74, (per 4th   Pg 73)

Start the animal cell Manipulative-Velcro organelles and Identify then on paper with your group


Stamp pg 73 homework
Notes Organelles first 3 in RED
Homework study for Test tomorrow Chpt 2-3
review Pg73


Cell theory notes
Difference between Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes coloring worksheet 
chpt 7-1 worksheet homework is Pg 73


Protein notes Part 4 organic molecules

Organic chart column #3&4

Review pg 21

Start the animal cell Manipulative-Velcro organelles and Identify then on paper with your group


Organic notes part 3 lipids

Review homework   Id Chemical compounds

Concept map

Finish pg 21


Organic Notes Part 2 Stamp pg 20
Finish Density Independent Limiting factors 
Crash course You are what you eat
Review page 20
Homework Right side of pg 20


Wednesday Oct 18

Use food label to analyze Macromolecules-What food do you have and write the grams

Begin Carbon Compounds Structural Formula notes part 1a

Finish Density-Independent Limiting Factors poster

Homework left side of Pg 20


warm up What food do you have ? 
Structural notes 
watch video


Warm up what is the limiting Factor? Write on the yellow card (small poster) that they will be drawing the limited factor.  Density-Independent Limiting Factors and the definition.


Video Bill Nye climate change

Vocabulary Preview Population Density (From Teachers Edition Pg 119) How many people are in the classroom? What is the room’s area (Multiply Length by width)? How many people are there in the room per square meter?

Begin Chapter 5 Warm up Vocab-Pop density, Immigration, emigration

Homework page 38


continue Nitrogen cycle Stamp and review homework Pg 32-33
no homework


Thursday Sept 28 2017

Continue the Nitrogen cycle

Homework Pg 33


Wednesday Sept 27

PG 72 Bio book- Make connections . Do In groups

Collect Water Cycle game/Write Make connections on back of this paper

Cycles-draw and label water cycle

 Review homework Pg 31 &32


Tuesday Sept 26

Water Cycle game

Write your story

Homework Pg 32


Tuesday Pers 1-4 Biology

Video-Levels of organization Amoeba sisters

Stamp and review homework Pg 27

Continue Levels of organization foldable draw and write definitions

Homework pg 28 -29


Print  all 3 documents, Parent letter, page 1, Class rules, How to do a completed lab write up.  Notebook check on Friday. All due Friday 


Monday Sept 18

Name 5 Characteristics of living things

Levels of organization foldable draw and write definitions

Begin ecology packet chpt 3&4 Homework Pg 27


Friday Sept 15

PG 62 Inquiring Activities Procedures 1&2 and Think about it #1-3

Review Microscopes worksheet 


Lab write up Microscopes
Finish Microscopes worksheet
Review Microscope worksheet 


Metric conclusion



Tuesday Sept 5

Conversions from different prefixes using math #7&8 (Use transparency)

Metric Lab continued



Conversions from different prefixes using math #4&5 see attached

Quiz Scientific method

Pass back labs and rewrite if done and time to do it.

Rewrite conclusion to Got Milk lab  



Tuesday Aug 29

Warm up practice number conversion line stamp Homework Chapt 1-4

Conversions from different prefixes using math #1-3 

Review 1-4 tools and procedures

Quiz tomorrow Scientific Method Chapter 1 sections 1&2



Monday Aug 28

Finish Packet pg 6B

Review homework  pg 4,5,6,7

Metric system conversion-Teach changing from prefix to prefix See attach

Chapter 1, Section 4, Tools and Procedures (one side is from the text and the other is Metric lab)

Homework Tools and procedures


Warm up Variables notes see attached
Scientific method practice in groups
Homework Pg 6,7 in packet  



Thursday  Aug 24 

Variables Notes Explain Cornell notes

In groups, use the white board and do Scientific Method Practice with 3 scenarios

Homework Pg 6&7


Tuesday Aug22

Warm up Invest & Exp# 110 transparency

Explain class procedures 

Assign pin numbers to students for Schoology, pass out papers

Finish Lab-Got Milk, help with conclusion

Review homework page 4

Homework pg 5 packet Chapt 1 What is Science ?The left side of page


 Aug 21 

Lab Got Milk

Homework pg 4 in Scientific method packet "What is science?"



Friday Aug 18

Scientific method warm up transparency #109 see attched

Copy “How to do a lab write up”

Policies Grades and labs and Participation points

Begin lab Pre lab questions, What are the differences between whole and 1% milk?

Homework page 4 in packet 1-1 "What is Science?"


Friday Aug 25th

Scientific method Warm up #120 transparency

Finish Scientific Method Practice with 3 scenarios

Review homework page 3 &4, & 5

Do Pg 5B and 6B in packet



 Print Parent Letter. Students and parents must sign and print name. Parents must include phone number and or Email. It is worth 20 points this week. next week you will lose a grade each day.
Tuesday we copied the rules and did a safety Pre-assessment. Rules are also due by Thursday for an "A"



Thursday Aug 17

Scientific method flow chart section 1-2 &109

Finish and review Safety pre-assessment

Collect rules and parents letter

Procedures and Rules

Group work-Students pick a problem and use the scientific method to solve



Think like a Scientist , Aug 16th ________________________________________________________________Step 1 What do you think of when I say ‘scientist’? (Warm up 10min)

  • How can you think like a scientist?


Step 2: Play “Think like a Scientist” Video & Follow up Prompts     (4:43min video) on same paper or compbook (10 min to answer)

  • Did Stacey look like a scientist to you?
  • What was the very first step in starting research?
  • What instruments do scientists use to collect information?
  • What did Stacy use to collect evidence?




Link to create login for schoology (students or parents)
Link to Schoology