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A strong correlation exists between physical activity and academic achievement. Consensus among the stakeholders is that physical fitness is essential for children's healthy growth and development. Health and Physical Education expresses the need for students to positively Collaborate with a partner, small group, large group and in a variety of settings. During activities students are able to Take Risks, Learn new skills, skill combinations, etc. that can directly impact their health in a positive way. Health and Physical education provides growth mindset moments where students can  Think Creatively and Critically in planning, participating, and evaluating practice and performance. Courses all chances to Communicate effectively using verbal and non-verbal communication skills in authentic physically active settings. Students learn their Civic Responsibility for their health and for supporting the community in healthy living initiatives.


Senior High School Physical Education

Physical Education Standards- The physical education standards identify what students in each grade level are to know and be able to do.
Physical Education Framework- The physical education framework provides sample lessons, content and resources for teachers on how to teach the standards in each grade level. 
Developmentally Appropriate Practices- The following grid includes developmentally appropriate and inappropriate practices in elementary, middle and high school physical education classes.  The grid organizes the practices into five separate sections:  1.  Learning environment, 2.  Instruction Strategies,  3.  Curriculum, 4.  Assessment, 5.  Professionalism.

Physical Education Course Descriptions
Physical Education Course, Credentialing and Graduation Requirements, with course numbers: