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Service Learning » Service Learning Necessities

Service Learning Necessities


To earn a diploma, all students must participate in a Service Learning Experience. Service Learning is NOT measured in hours, but rather students work toward meeting real community needs while linking school to community experiences. Students design their own projects while working individually or in small groups.


Step 1: Work individually or with other students to identify the need.

Step 2: Create a project to address the problem while addressing the following:

  1. Purpose of this project – “Why are we doing this?”
  2. Outcome of this project – “What do we want to accomplish?”
  3. Participants – “Who should participate?” i.e. community partners, etc.
  4. Recipients – “Who will receive the service?”
  5. Resources – “What people, materials, or funds are necessary?”
  6. Time – “How many hours/days will be needed to complete the project?”
  7. Feasibility – “Is it possible to do this project?”

Step 3: Research/Network – students determine what is needed to know and how to access the information. What community partners have worked on a similar issue and/or can be a partner on this project?


Step 4: Develop an action plan – Create a timeline; anticipate problems/difficulties; assign duties and roles to group members. All group members should equally participate! Communicate with principal or coordinator before, during, and after the project.


Step 5: Execute the action plan – Keep notes with assessments and evaluations; keep time logs and/or journals of the process; document and collect materials and evidence.


Step 6: Evaluate – Reflect – Celebrate – Write a reflection addressing the following:

If working in a group, each student writes their own reflection.

  1. What was your Service Learning Project, and why did you select this project?
  2. What did you do? Write a brief description of what you did and tasks you completed.
  3. Who was involved in this project? If you worked as a group, identify all students.
  4. What did you do to prepare for this task?
  5. How long did you work on the project? Was it one day or several days?
  6. How did your organization and/or the community benefit from your work?
  7. How did you feel about what you accomplished?