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Welcome to Spanish! Bienvenidos a la clase de español
When you are learning a language, there are 3 things you need to remember: repeat, review and memorize. Learning a language is hard, since you need to memorize a lot of words in order to form sentences, comprehend what others say  and speak. Like playing an instrument or a sport, learning a language involves a lot of practice and not only practice, but boring practice sometimes. Remember, that everything needs  effort, patience and constancy and you will be successful. Good luck. ¡Buena suerte!

Shadowing Spanish: 3 Excellent Resources to Hone Pronunciation and Intonation

Shadows have so many dark connotations, but language shadowing is anything but dark!

Also known as “parroting,” this repetition technique adds some fun to your Spanish program and helps you speak with the pronunciation and intonation of a native.

One of the ways we learn to speak our native language as children is through repetition, so if it worked for native language acquisition, then it stands to reason that it’ll work for learning Spanish as well!

There are loads of excellent resources that you can use to make Spanish shadowing part of your language plan—just simply listen and then repeat.


The 13 Best Telenovelas for Learning Spanish on Your Own

Hearing the lyrics of a Spanish song and just passing Spanish brands at the supermarket gave you the tingles.

So, you promised to learn this seductive language at any cost.

You’ve listened to the audiobooks, surfed the YouTube channels and interacted with native speakers at every possible opportunity.

But if you’re looking for something fun to significantly boost your Spanish, read on to get into the exciting world of telenovelas!


Talking Time: Learn to Speak Conversational Spanish in 6 Simple Steps

When it comes to learning to speak conversational Spanish, it’s like learning to ride a bike: It takes practice.

You will have to leave the textbook training wheels behind and start actually using the language.

It can be a scary step, but I am here to help you get there!