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Welcome to the Cross Country Team at Chatsworth High School. My name is Jonathan Sheriff and I will be the cross country coach for this year (there is a position open for an additional coach). I understand that in this time of COVID-19 we must all make sacrifices and we must be self-motivated. As such I will post specific workouts in the cross country class Schoology section and you should follow these workouts to the best of your ability. At all times:
  • Hydrate - If you are ever thirsty then you are dehydrated. I suggest drinking a minimum of 10 glasses of water daily. You will not stay hydrated if you drink once in a while!
  • Work at your own pace - Everyone starts from a different place. If you are just starting then I do not expect you to run 5 miles without stopping. When I began running after a 2.5 year break because of surgery I could not run 1 mile. Small steps...small up to your ultimate goal which should be running for an hour straight. Until you get to that point, run, walk, run, walk, etc...
  • Try to run with a partner - It is always better to run with someone so you are safe and you have someone there with you to help if you need it. Running with others will help you stay motivated to keep running and make you push yourself harder during your workouts.Always bring a phone with you and never cover your ears with a earphones as that will take away your ability to hear your surroundings and avoid problems.
  • At least once a week try to find an off-road course to run. There are many in the area and they will help you train.
Best of luck to everyone in school, do well, work hard in life (work and play) and make sure you are always learning!