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California State University Northridge
Bachelors of Science Business Administration  
Multiple Teaching Credential   
English Language Development Teacher
Title III Coach/Designated and Integrated ELD
English Language Development ELD Levels 1 - 4
Where there is a will, there is always a way
Our curriculum is EDGE
Students have access to the text book on line as well
Students are expected to participate during zoom conferences and complete assignments
Parents and students can reach out to me via schoology and regular email

Class syllabus



Chatsworth HS

ELD 4 Level  C  Volume 1 Units 1 - 3 Fall Semester 2020
ELD 4  Level  C  Volume 2 Units 4 - 6 Spring Semester 2021

Sr. RayaMedina Rm. T-95

Course Description and
Objectives: The training focus domains are: Listen, Speak, Read, and Write that emphasize three essential groups and questions with their respective writing assessment (expressive, explanatory, descriptive, and narrative). The instructional approach and resource manager will be used to provide students with extended practice and opportunity to improve their skills in language acquisition domains while learning content in their core subjects. Students should be able to advance one or more ELD levels per year as required by Annual Monthly Academic Goal 1 (AMAO 1) as shown in the ELPAC assessment test.

Required text: Edge Fundamentals Volumes  1 and 2
Materials and supplies required:
It is very important to be prepared and ready every day.
Dictionary, Planner, Textbook, Workbook, Folder, Black/Red/Blue Pen, Pen and Notebook.

Qualification Policy: The final grades are determined by the following rating scale:
A -90 - 100 B - 80 - 89 C - 70 - 79 D - 60 - 69 F - 59 or lower

Work habits and cooperation: E's excellent S's satisfactory U's unsatisfactory
All grades are based on formative and summary assessments.
Cluster  & Unit Tests - 40% Homework & Class Participation - 40%
Write Assignment - % 20

Attendance: It is very important to come to school every day. Your academic success depends on assistance in receiving daily instruction. Your child  will also be responsible for assignments that fail even when the student did not attend class.
Clasroom  Rules:
1. Keep electronic devices away
2. Be punctual and prepared for Class
3. Be respectful
4. Be safe and responsible
5. Use time wisely - Consequences
for not following the rules:
1. Verbal warning
2. Phone call to parents
3. Parenting Conference
4. The parent sits with their child in the classroom

I_____________________________ has read and understands my child's responsibilities in his/her classroom. I will advise and support my son to be respectful and abide by the rules.
PARENT, YOUR CHILDAND THE PADRE______________________ Name TEACHER and firma_____________________
estudiante_____________________ Name and firma_____________________padres__________________ Phone Number and