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Positive effects of school Breakfast, Lunch and after school snack programs.

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let us know how you feel about Nutrition being
added to the school schedule?

When students start the day with a nutritious breakfast, look who benefits:        


  • Students have improved classroom performance and behavior
  • Teachers have students ready to learn and able to retain, access the knowledge
  • Administrators have students and staff with increased student performance
  • Parents have their children do better in school and face fewer disciplinary problems.
  • The Community benefits when students do well in school and when the behavior of students improves.
  • The Cafeteria can increase items of interest to the students and improve the quality and quantity of products served

Everyone benefits when students eat healthy meals and are well nourished.


Good reasons to add Nutrition to the schedule


  • It will give the students a second chance to get a well needed breakfast.
  • It will provide a break for students and teachers alike.
  • It will increase revenues for the school cafeteria.


Countless studies have proven that a well-nourished child will perform better in school.  They will be better behaved, be less agitated, have better concentration, be less disruptive and perform better on tests. This would raise the academic level of the entire school.


So let’s consider adding a Nutrition to the bell schedule and improve our schools overall performance!