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1st Place - Research - Kshitij Purani (KJ)1st Place - Research & 2nd Place - Committee- Pranav Kulkarni1st Place - Committee - Shivm Patel1st Place - Committee - Eshan Walia1st Place - Committee -  Sarah Mian2nd Place - Committee - Madesh Patel 3rd Place - Committee - Alexandra Lua 3rd Place - Committee - Luke Jeon
4th Place - Committee - Emeline Lee 4th Place - Committee - Jatin Gundara4th Place - Committee - Ian Najera4th Place - Committee -  Alexandar Ananian4th Place - Committee - Grigori Ananian
Full list of team members (first names): Jatin, Ian, Ansh, Vibhu, Jannat, Imaan, Ellie, Ava, Kayla, Chloe, Grigori, Alexander, Shivm, Sarah, Alexandra, Justin, Pranav, Jonathan, Emeline, Emery, Madesh, Eshan, Luke, Kshitij, Arnav. Advisors: Ms. Finch, Ms. Na, Ms. LedesmaWe thank the school for supporting our club and paying for the full cost of the VRMUN conference, we thank our advisors Ms. Finch, Ms. Na, and Ms. Ledesma for putting their time and effort into the club, and we thank our delegates for taking time out of their already busy days to prepare for these conferences and attend club meetings!We look forward to attending SCMUN on March 25-26, 2023 in the near future, and again, thank the school for providing all delegates and students with this opportunity. Finally thank you to Mrs. Kim for her continued support of MUN!