Chatsworth Charter High School & G+STEAM Magnet Center

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Chatsworth General School Application Process


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In order to be considered for the Chatsworth Charter High School student must:

  • Meet the Eligibilty Criteria and
  • Complete the District application process and
  • Complete this Form

Eligibility and Enrollment Criteria

It is LAUSD’s expectation that charter schools’ enrollment and admissions practices provide equitable access to all students who wish to attend. By law, charter schools must admit all pupils who wish to attend. (Ed. Code, § 47605(e)(2)(A).) However, if the number of students seeking to enroll at a charter school exceeds the school’s capacity, the charter school must conduct a public random lottery, as described in its charter petition, to determine enrollment. If a student is expelled or otherwise leaves a charter school without graduating or completing the school year, the charter school must notify LAUSD, and if different, the superintendent of the school district for the student’s last known address within 30 days. (Ed. Code, § 47605(e)(3).) Additionally, upon request, the charter school must provide that school district with a copy of the cumulative record of the student, including report cards or a transcript of grades, and health information.

Student Information

Parent/Guardian Contact Information

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