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CC 2017-18 Geometry A Practice Final Examination 1-50

Attached you will find assignment #100 Practice Final Examination 1-50 with key on page 10. Please start studying for the final by going over the practice final. You may print a copy for yourself or use it from your smart phone at home. In the classroom, You will be provided a class set for review on Monday. Please bring all assignments and have them checked and recorded on your assignment sheet on Monday. STUDY FOR THE FINAL EXAMINATION!  GOOD LUCK!!!

Practice Final Exam will be posted on Friday!

Dear Geometry Students,
Hello everybody!  It is good that the air has cleared in our area and we can breath easy! These unanticipated holidays has taken away some school time. Please go to my homepage on CCHS site on Friday and you will see the practice final exam (Assignment #100>>> 1-50). Please start to review it before your final exam to do a better job on the final. If you were absent Wednesday, I had assigned the chapter review problems at the end of each chapter (1,2,3, and 4) as assignment #s 96,97, 98, and 99. Since we did chapter 5 recently it is still fresh in your mind, but review this chapter too. Do not waste time and please do some review for the finals.
The link will take you to the practice final posted on my CCHS homepage.
IMPORTANT: I just got a message from Dr. Guy that Monday will be a shortened day with dismissal at 1:33 pm and Tuesday will be PD day with dismissal at 1:09 pm and Final for periods 1 and 4 will be on Tuesday. Rest of the week will be as planned earlier. We shall do the practice final on Monday and Finals will start on Tuesday.
Mr. Upadhyay

Assignments 76 and 77

#76 Lesson 5.1 (Page 232)
-Copy the 10 definitions along with the diagrams (there are 7 in Core Concept)
-Copy Theorems 5.1 and 5.2 along with the Corollary (to Theo. 5.1)
#77 Page 236 >>> 1-40