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Honors Chemistry

Danielle Ramirez
Fall 2017
Science Department
Honors Chemistry is a laboratory-based college-preparatory course. Laboratory experiments provide the empirical basis for understanding and confirming concepts. This course emphasizes discussions, activities, and laboratory exercises, which promote the understanding of the behavior of matter at the macroscopic and the molecular-atomic levels. Chemical principles are introduced so that students will be able to explain the composition and chemical behavior of their world. Honors Chemistry AB lays the foundation for further studies in Chemistry and also serves as an Advanced Placement Chemistry readiness course. Honors Chemistry AB meets the Grades 9ā€“12 District physical science requirement. Students must complete one physical and one life science requirement.
This course meets one year of the University of California ā€˜dā€™ entrance requirement for laboratory science.

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Past Assignments


Unit 2: Atomic Structure is planned to be completed during the week of 10/2/17. Complete the book work in accordance to the topics discussed in class.


 HW: Read and outline Section 1.3
Copy Vocabulary words from 1.9 and 1.3