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SPANISH 2 (Period 2)

C Cruz
Fall 2017
World Language Department
This course is designed to supplement and reinforce the first level. The course focuses on Common Core Standards in reading, writing and speaking Spanish.  A more intensive study of the grammar, culture, and vocabulary in context. Communication in writing and responding in writing to questions written in Spanish and communicate with speakers of the foreign language. 
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Past Assignments


  • Begin testing for Oral Final Exams Dec 6- Dec 11
  • All questions from Study-Guide must be answered by Dec 6 @ the beginning of your assigned period!  You will not be tested unless all questions are answered from your Study-Guide!
  • Oral Final =200pts
  • Study-guide due 12/6=50pts
  • Notebook Check=20 pts.
  • Written Final  will be given on assigned Final Day approximately 100 pts
  • Testing for Oral Final continues Monday Dec 11
  • Information for Written Final Exam Assignment sent via Remind for Spanish 2,3.  Spanish 1 Written Final information can be found on pg. 165.    All Written Finals due at beginning of period on Written Final Day:  No exceptions will be made if Written Final Exam is not complete.  To sign up for Remind: Click on Links and all information to sign up is online.  
    • Dec 12 Per. 1 & 4
    • Dec 13 Per 3 & 5
    • Dec 14 Per 2 & 6


Print-out Study-Guide for Oral Final.  Look at side tabs labeled Spanish 1,2,or 3 Study-Guide for Oral Finals.


Lesson Plan for November 6, 2017

Remember all work will be collected when I return:) Be responsible!

Cinco al día:  Write 5 sentences or questions using your vocabulary.

Span 1-  Yo estoy al lado del pupitre.

Span 2-  Mis amigos compraron unos zapatos en el centro comercial.

Span 3-  Es importante que hagan cinta dos veces a la semana.

Actividades:                                Tarea:  Finish classwork for homework!

  • Spanish 1: (Per 3)
      • Txtbk: Pg. 109#14
      • Cornell Notes pg. 110 & Activity 15,16
      • Pg. 114-115 Read and answer ¿Comprendes?
  • Spanish 2(Per 2,4,6)
      • Pg. 135 Activ 7
      • Pg. 136 Activ 8,9
      • Read pg. 132-133 Comprendes
  • Spanish 3 (Per 1 & 5)
    • CN pg. 137- Subjunctive-Stem changing verbs
    • Pg. 137 Activity 38
    • Pg. 136 Activ 36       
    • Work in groups of 3 on draft for ad-Must use 3 commands and subjunctive!


Meeting at computer lab to finish up project. 
Per 2 -E-32
Per 4,6 E-28


Study verbs conocer and saber and vocabulary. Test Friday.


  •  Study your vocabulary pg. 40 and stem changing verbs including preterite tense


  •  Review the stem-changing notes we took in class
  • Finish your illustration with stem-changing verbs
    • Make sure you select two different verbs
    • Write the meaning including what the verb changes to (Ex: o->ue)
    • Write the 2 stems
    • Then write an original sentence in Spanish
  • Make sure you finish copying your vocabulary on pg. 14
  • Verifying Textbook-20 pts.


 Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow & Grammar


 Wkbk pgs due tomorrow.  If you need an extention ask via Remind. :)


  • Parent signature forms are due!
  • Notebook check w/ 5 tabs[Warm-ups/Agendas,Class Activities, Cornell Notes, Vocabulary, Homework]
  • Study vocabulary Quiz


 T-shirt assignment due tomorrow.  Remember you must use the forms of ser at least 3 times.  See attached rubric for details.