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Alumni of California State University of Fresno
  • B.A. in Spanish
  • B.A. in  Anthropology

  • Authorized Subject(s) Foreign Language: Spanish
  • Supplementary Authorized Subject(s)Anthropology

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Written Final Exams

This semester Written Final Exam will be a Written Test!  There will be no written final projects this semester.  Study your vocabulary covered in class and your grammar concepts!
  • Spanish 1 will be tested on Chp 3B-6A,Extra vocabulary & Present/Preterite tense.
  • Spanish 3 will be tested on Chp 4-7 and all grammar tenses covered this semester!  Study!!!!!!!

Lesson Plan for Cruz Span 1& Span 3

Lesson Plan for Monday April 4
Warm-up Create 5 sentences using recent vocabulary.
Spanish 3- information sent via remind...  You are interviewing classmates and drawing a pic of ur future.  Make sure you work you will be tested on this info.
Spanish 1 Period 4
Finish working section 5A in the workbook and copy ur Cornell notes on possessive adjectives. Also create 10 questions using tener/family