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Senior Home 2023

June 15, 2023 7pm 
Graduating class of 2023 information will be located here. TBD

Senior Updates!


Sober Graduation Assembly will be on Tues, May 16th from 2nd period to Advisory in Chancellor Hall.  This assembly is for all seniors and your 2nd period teacher will escort you after taking attendance so you can listen to LAPD officers regarding safety when driving.

Senior Prom will be Friday, June 2nd at 7 pm at Skirball Cultural Center. Last day to submit prom application is on May 19th.  You should upload a copy of the attached prom application on Schoology AND take a hard copy and submit to Ms. Giacoma in the Attendance Office.  2nd page of prom application is for your guest, who must have school ID, ages 16 to 20, and have signature from an administrator from their school of attendance.  Remember, all seniors must have an ID and you can pay $10 at the Parent Center to replace a lost ID.  If you did not purchase a Gold or Platinum package, you must pay $135 by May 26th to the Student Store.  ALL seniors must submit this form even if you bought a package to make sure that you are cleared to attend. 

Detention make-ups will be on Saturday, May 6th, 13th, and 20th or on Tuesday, May 9th and 16th.  Remember, you must get attendance clearance, have no debt, nor have disciplinary issues. 

Senior Awards Night will be Wednesday, May 31st, at 6 pm on Outdoor Stage.  This is by invitation only and you will get an invitation by mid May if you are receiving an award, certificate, scholarship, or cord.  Of course, your parents are invited if you are invited to this event.  For those of you on Honor or High Honor Roll, you DO NOT need to purchase a cord; it will be given to you at Senior Awards Night.  

Graduation Speech Try-outs will be on Tuesday, May 16th at 3:30 pm in the library.  Please email me and send me a copy of your speech by May 12th so I can make copies for judges.  Please write on the subject "Graduation Speech".   We will have ASB President who will give a brief Welcome, Senior Class President's Welcome Speech, Top Valedictorian Speech, and one more as Inspirational Speech.  

Senior Sunset is on June 7th at 7 pm on our Quad.  This is also included in the Senior package, but if you did not purchase, it is $20 and must be paid in advance at the Student Store.  There will be a Habit Burger Truck for this event. 

Graduation Rehearsal is on Thursday, June 8th, at 8:30 am sharp, on the Baseball field. It will end between 10:30 am -11 am and you will receive your navy blue cap/gown and 6 wristbands (tickets) for your guests.  Remember, you cannot decorate your cap/gown and can only wear Cords and Stolls given to you from school ONLY.   For those of you returning them, we will take them back on June 9-14th only;  we will hold your diplomas until we get these back.   If you want to purchase, pay $19 cash at the Student Store by May 31st. 

Graduation starts at 7 pm, but all seniors must report to the baseball field by 6 pm on June 8th to line up.  No one can carry anything in with you such as purses or cell phone; only your cap/gown.   6 tickets per student and we do not have any extra tickets for extra guests.  Blue tickets are for home side and orange tickets are for guest section.  There will be special seating on the track (white chairs) for any guests who cannot walk up the bleachers.  

Please stop by A5  or call Mrs. Kim at 818-678-3460 if you have any other questions about these events.