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Attendance Info

                                                       Attendance Protocols
Student is to communicate regularly with all teachers.
If student misses a class meeting parent is to submit a typed note providing the reason and upload to the parent portal.    
Return to school from absence
    All students are to bring a written note signed by the parent stating the reason for absence. The note should include the student's full name, date of birth, and date of absence.
     **Per LAUSD policy, students have 10 days from the date of absence to submit the absence note to the attendance office. After
     10 days it will not be updated on the student's record.    
Early leaves
    If a student is being picked up early for a dental/ medical appt. or for
    personal reasons, a written note signed by parent stating the time of
    pick up should be turned into the attendance office by student the
    morning of the early leave.
    If an adult other than parent is going to pick up the student (ie. adult    
    sibling, aunt, uncle, etc.) they must be listed on student's emergency
    card otherwise we will not release student to them.
     Illness at school
     If student becomes ill at school they must go to the health office to be
     seen by the nurse. Once the nurse evaluates student and deems it
     necessary for student to go seek medical attention parent /guardian
     will be contacted for pick up. The student will be released to the
     adult listed on the LAUSD Emergency card.
     If student's BYPASS this and call/text parent for early pick up  
    without seeing the nurse and parent shows up to pick up student
    -the absences for the remainder of the day are considered
    UNEXCUSED and are a TRUANCY!!