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Covid Updates

Save the Date,
Make an Appointment through Dailypass, 12pm-7pm
First Dose - Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Second Dose - Tuesday, February 15, 2022
To make a vaccination appointment, please visit

Requirement to be Vaccinated

  • TWO items must be completed online or paper
  1. Consent Form must be signed by parent which includes hyperlinks to the following:
    1. CAIR Disclosure distribute with Paper consent for FYI only
    2. NOPP distribute with Paper consent for FYI only
    3. Pfizer Vaccine EUA distribute with Paper consent for FYI only
  2. Health Screening Questionnaire may be completed by parent or student
  • To provide additional verification of pre-registered appointments in the Daily Pass, all students who are receiving 1st dose and booster through LA Unified must bring a signed paper consent from a parent/guardian to verify the digital consent (link to fillable paper consent). Vaccination providers will conduct the verification and collect the signed forms. A signed consent form is NOT required for 2nd dose vaccinations.


  • Pre-Registration (Online appointments) are highly recommended to expedite the vaccination process and will electronically capture all requirements above. Signed paper consent is still required to be provided to the vaccinating nurse for upload
  • On-Site Registration (Paper registration) entails completion of Paper Consent Packet and a signed paper consent (requirements listed above)
  • Recipients will receive email notification about 2nd dose within 24 hours of 1st dose
    • 1st dose on last scheduled day entails receiving the 2nd dose from an alternate location
  • Walk-ins are welcome


  • Visit DailyPass to make a vaccination appointment
  • Visit to view vaccination clinic and testing schedules
  • Call the Family Hotline (213) 443-1300 for assistance with opening a parent account