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Concurrent Enrollment

Spring 2023 Coming Soon

There are several steps for a student to be enrolled in our courses.

Step 1  Apply Pierce College
    1. The student will need create a CCC Apply account first. The complete the Pierce “College Application” This is Very important that the student completes the “College Application”
    2. Once they complete the Pierce application they will receive a confirmation email to their private email, he email they applied with. They should get this in 48 hours. If they don’t see this in their email have them check their junk or spam email. This happens sometimes.
Step 2 Complete a K-12 Dynamic Form
    1. The will need to complete this form and list the courses they will be taking for the Spring semester. It is critical they complete this form correctly. Any mistakes on this form mainly the (students portion) can cause delays. If a students does make a mistake Admissions will notify them and tell them to correct it.
    2. The parent will need to create an account for the Dynamic Form in order for them to sign the form. If the student is completing the form at home I suggest the students and parent complete it together. This way the parent can set up an account and the parent can sign it right away. We have noticed that parents delay in setting up account and signing the form.
    3. Admissions have videos on how to complete the K-12 forms
    1. Complete form Please leave Prerequires Met and Permission number blank.
    2. Email it to [email protected]   and your counselor. 



We are partnered with our Local community college to offer you an opportunity to work on college courses now.

For more information and to sign up go to Concurrent enrollment at the Pierce admissions office.

K-12 Electronic Form Video Tutorials



K-12 Electronic Form can ONLY be submitted electronically

directly from the High School Counselor.


Concurrent high school enrollment students can register for class online on or after their registration appointment date and after they have submitted the Los Angeles Community College (LACCD) Supplemental Application for Admission of Students in Grades K-12 to the Admissions & Records Office.  The student can only enroll in those courses approved on the Los Angeles Community College (LACCD) Supplemental Application for Admission of Students in Grades K-12.