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Professional Development » Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum



Focused on Enhancing Student Learning, Leading Indicators:

 From Robert J. Marzano

(1) The school curriculum and accompanying assessments adhere to state and district standards.



Both written and taught curriculum are matched, analyzed, and assessed together to meet College and Career ready skills. When asked, teachers can describe the essential content and standards for their subject area(s) or grade level(s)



(2) The school curriculum is focused enough that it can be adequately addressed in the time available to teachers.


Essential elements of subject area vocabulary and content are identified, time it would take is examined and School teams regularly meet to discuss the progression and viability of documents that articulate essential content and timing of delivery (e.g., pacing guides, curriculum maps)


(3) All students have the opportunity to learn the critical content of the curriculum.


Access to Advanced Placement courses, essential elements of subject matter curriculum and direct vocabulary instruction are available to all learners. Parents / Guardians are aware of their child’s current access to  essential curriculum.



(4) Clear and measurable goals are established and focused on critical needs regarding improving overall student achievement at the school level.


Classroom, Department and School wide achievement Goals are established, analyzed and discussed regularly. The goals are driven as a percentage of students who will score at a proficient or higher level on state assessments or benchmark assessments; they also have a focus that eliminates the differences in achievement for students at different socioeconomic levels, different achievement level and different language acquisition level.  Timelines contain specific benchmarks for each goal, including individual(s) responsible for the goal



(5) Data are analyzed, interpreted, and used to regularly monitor progress toward school achievement goals.



Data briefings are conducted at faculty meetings; school leadership teams regularly analyze school growth data. Overall student achievement is regularly analyzed, examined from the perspective of value-added results and regularly reported and used to drive instruction. Reports, graphs, and charts are regularly updated to track growth in student achievement



(6) Appropriate school-level and classroom-level programs and practices are in place to help students meet individual achievement goals when data indicate interventions are needed.

Extended school day, week and year programs are in place. The school schedule is designed so that students can receive academic help while in school.  Individual student completion of programs designed to enhance, enrich or intervene in their academic achievement are monitored.