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Remember, you have ONE WEEK to make up any missing assignments or tests. 
Make sure to check-in with me every few days to make sure that you have turned in all of your work.

Earth and Space Systems HW for Friday 9/16

HW due Monday September 19:
a) Read pages 678-683 in textbook. On Pg 683 answer questions #1-5 from 24.2 Section Assessment.

b) On Friday, draw sunset with prominent buildings, trees, houses, etc that lie to the north and south of the sunset. Be sure to write the date and time of your observation.

Homework for Friday September 15

HW due Monday September 19:
Read pages 72-80 in textbook. On Pg 73 answer questions #1-4 from 3-2 Section Assessment.
On Pg 80 answer questions #1-5 from 3-3 Section Assessment.

Looking ahead at this week September 6-9

Wednesday September 7, we will culminate our study of the scientific method by participating in group projects and presentations that highlight each step of the scientific process. 
Thursday September 8, every group will give a brief summary (3-4 minutes) of their "mock" experiment.
Friday September 9, we will begin lecture and notes (Biology CH 3, Earth and Space Systems CH 24).


Please see me tomorrow or Wednesday if you have a question about your grade, missing assignments, etc. 
Make sure to turn in as much work as possible (late work is better than no work).