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Mrs. Joey Evans » Health & Lifeskills

Health & Lifeskills

Health Education
Joey Evans

Classroom curriculum, procedures, rules and grading
A) Emotions: Including how to deal with stress, anger and conflict
B) Dealing with depression
C) Eating Disorders
D) Nutrition and Exercise
E) Anatomy
F) Tobacco
G) Alcohol
H) Drugs
I) Relationships
J) Puberty
K) Male and Female reproductive anatomy
L) Abstinence
M) Sexually transmitted diseases
N) Birth Control
O) Reproduction and birth
    Each day begins with a dispatch question which will be written on the board.  Each question will be dated and must be answered with at least 10 lines.  This does not include writing the question if you choose to do so.  The following days question can be answered on the same sheet of paper.  You do not need to use a seperate sheet of paper for each question.  Each ten line answer will be worth 10 points.  You will earn less points if your dispatch answer is less then 10 lines.
    For this class, you will need a three ring binder with lined notebook paper and a pen. (No spiral notebooks.)  The pen must be dark blue or black ink.  (You do not need a seperate 3 ring binder for this class.  A  Health section in your larger binder is fine.)  Keep your dispatches in order, in your notebook.  If you are absent from class, find out the dispatch question/s you missed from another student as soon as possible after your absence.  Get a phone number of another student so you can call them if you're absent.  Do your make up dispatches before returning to my class, preferably at home.  You will not be given class time to do make up dispatches.
    Occasionally, I will not ask a dispatch question, but instead write the words "LUCKY ME" on the board.  On these days all you have to do is write the date on your dispatch paper and copy the words "Lucky Me" from the board.  (You don't have to write about why you are lucky!)  You will receive 10 points for your "Lucky Me."
    I collect dispatches approximately every two weeks.  It is your responsibility to bring all your dispatches to class everyday, so if I decide to collect them that day, you will have them.  They will not be accepted late!  If you are absent the day dispatches are collected, they must be turned in the first day you return from your absence.
    Dispatches are a very EASY way to earn points.  Failing to turn them in will severely affect your grade.
A)  Students must be in their seats when te bell rings or they will be marked tardy.
B)  If you have been absent from class, you must find out the work you missed the day you
     return in order to make up the work. This will be your only opportunity to make up work
     due to an absence.  (This does not include dispatches which you are expected to get from another
     student or me before returning to my class.)  You cannot make up any work if you were truant or
     your absence is not cleared.
C)  Students will begin answering the dispatch question on the board immediately after the bell rings.
     No talking during the dispatch.  I will take roll while the dispatch question is being answered.
D)  Students will respect each other and the teacher.  You must raise your hand to speak, and not
     speak if the teacher or another student is speaking.
E)  Students may not use any profanity in class.
F)  Students may nor disrespect another student based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual
     identity, weight, height etc.
G)  Students may drink plain bottled water in class.
H)  Students may eat healthy food (approved by the teacher) in class.
I)    Students may not drink anything other than plain bottled water and may not eat candy, chips etc.
J)   Students may or may not be permitted to chew gum in class.  A class will lose this priviledge if gum
     or wrappers are found around the room.
K)  Students may not put make-up on in class.  Any visible make-up will be taken away.
L)   Students must take off hats and hoods before entering the classroom.
M)  Students must turn off and put away cell phones and music before entering the classroom.  Visible
      phones or ipods will be taken away and can be picked up in the deans office.
N)  Students must be polite and use manners.
O)  Students are not to make any markings on the desks or walls.  Doing so will result in a loss
      of 25 points and a trip to the dean.
P)   Students must be prepared for class every day with their supplies.  A binder with lined notebook
      paper and a pen are required. The pen must be dark blue or black ink.  Your dispatches must be
      with you every day.
Q  Students may not lay their heads down or sleep during class.
R)  I enforce the CHS dresscode.  That means your pants must be pulled up over your butt before you
     walk into my classroom.  (Even if you're wearing a long shirt)
S)  Students must stay in their seats until the bell rings.  If you need to throw away trash, you can do it
     after the bell rings on your way out the door.
Dispatches will be worth 10 points per question.  (10 lines = 10 points)
Classwork - approx. 10-25 points
Homework - approx. 25 points
Tests - approx. 100 points
In this class we will be learning about and discussing many personal, sensitive and sometimes emotional topics.  Respect, good manners and following the rules are a must!  Your ability to exercise self control and follow my rules will be part of your grade.  If you come to class, follow the rules and are respectful, you should do very well. 
90%-100%=A    80%-89%=B    70%-79%=C    60%-69%=D    Below 60%=F