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AP Computer Science Principles

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AP Computer Science Principles is a foundation course in computer programming for students planning to study in STEAM fields, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Students enter the course with varying skill levels. In order to meet the diverse needs and appeal to student interests, I try whenever possible to teach concepts inside of contexts. The AP Computer Science Principles course will work with the Amazon Future Engineers Program, AFE, and the platform for curriculum.  Students will need to create an AP college-board, Edhesive, and accounts.  



  • Computational Solution Design—Design and evaluate computational solutions for a purpose.
  • Algorithms and Program Development—Develop and implement algorithms.
  • Abstraction in Program Development—Develop programs that incorporate abstractions.
  • Code Analysis—Evaluate and test algorithms and programs.
  • Computing Innovations—Investigate computing innovations.
  • Responsible Computing—Contribute to an inclusive, safe, collaborative, and ethical computing


It is my expectation every student in the class will take the AP exam for the course in May - Registration on College-board site by End of September. Exam includes two parts,Multiple choice and Project.



Instruction through - AFE Program and




All materials can be found on Schoology.



AP Computer Science Principles - AP Central

In AP Computer Science Principles, students learn how to creatively address real-world issues with the tools and processes of computer science.


K-12 computer science curriculum for AP Computer A, AP Computer Principles, and Introduction to Computer Science in Python.

Learn computer science. Change the world.

Every student has the potential to change the world. Help them get started. #CSforGood

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