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Vocabulary and Objectives - Chapter 6.3

sepoy                                       viceroy
attitude                                      transfer
Queen Victoria                         Indian National Congress
Mohandas Gandhi                   Kampur
a) Explain the goal of the Indian National Congress
b) Explain why India was called, "The Jewel in the crown," of Queen Victoria, Empress of India.

Vocabulary and Objectives - Chapter 6.2

annex                                        indigenous
conflicting                                  consequence
Muhammad Ali                          David Livingstone
Henry Stanley                          Zulu
A) Describe the new class of Africans which colonialism inspired.
B) Explain the relationship between the Boers and the Zulus.

Vocabulary and Objectives - Chapter 6.1

new imperialism                     direct rule
protectorate                           indirect rule
exploit                                    impose                             regime
King Mongkut                        King Chulalongkorn
Commodore George Dewey
Emilio Aguinaldo
Singapore                              Burma
Thailand (Siam)                     Philippines
Reading Objectives
          a) Describe why westerns were so determined to colonize Southeast Asia.
          b) Explain the chief goal of the western nations.