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G+STEAM Magnet Center » Stole Requirements

Stole Requirements

Under Construction - Changes occur frequently

We will adjust for current 10th and 11th graders, using the appeal process. More detail to come



How it is measured


Volunteer work

20 Hours  Form completed by organization.  This form should be available in the counseling office or one of the counselors should have it.  If not, the organization can write a letter but this really puts the organization in a position to not want volunteers again.  The form idea is best.

Outside of School hours,

Community Service

Hours  These hours can be signed off by the Advisory teacher.

Outside of school hours

Academic Success

Grades  Students can submit an official transcript.  They are able to download these through their portal.




Work Based Learning

Completion of WOW curriculum, internships.  Students only have one shot at earning the badge.

Badge Earned


Completion of Portfolium.


Mock Interview

11th grade (required) in Advisory

Done by Linked Learning

Portfolio Defense

Senior year




G+STEAM Event 

Participate in a minimum of two events per semester; 16 minimum events;

The student is responsible for tracking their own efforts.  Verifications can be made by checking the sign in sheet.  If a student did not sign in, they were not there.

Booster and PTSA 

4 Booster and 4 PTSA memberships;


Service Learning Project

Completed during the 11th Social Science class or individually.

Service Learning Site

Complete the CTE Pathway

Pass AP CS Principles

Pass AP CS “A”

Earn Industry Certificate



3.5 +


Stole Application Form and Fee

Submitted by the date due and reviewed and approved by the G+STEAM teachers. 

Due Date Last Friday of April. If approved fee $35*

*subject to change, Last updated Spring 2023

Appeal Process

To be submitted Prior to the Spring Break:

  • Letter from Student
  • Letter from Advisory Teacher

G+SETAM Panel will evaluate