Chatsworth Charter High School

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G+ STEAM Magnet Center » Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Graduates will be

Effective communicators who listen, interpret, understand, clarify, speak, write, and present information appropriately to effectively collaborate and advocate.

Life-Long learners who read and comprehend various sources to employ a rational and analytical approach to problem solving, utilizing a growth mindset with innovative and artistic curiosity.

Collaborative participants  that manage interpersonal and mutual relationships in a positive and productive manner, to achieve a universal goal; respecting all stakeholder's social emotional differences among group members.

Self-directed goal-oriented Individual who develop personal attributes and skills which lead to productive work and community engagement with actions towards intended goals while self-assessing progress in a productive manner.

Responsible community member that exhibits honesty, integrity, positive ethics, and inclusive character; while contributing their time and talents to improve their community to achieve short / long term goals.