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Internet of Things, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Utilities – by Enya Bain from RockBlue

Background: Internet users love services like streaming movies, video chatting, or online gaming. All of this content needs to travel over the Internet, however, and the companies that build and maintain networks are complaining about the increased demands being placed on their networks. Your candidate is hearing more and more about a debate called “net neutrality” and would like a more informed opinion as part of her platform.


  • "How the end of net neutrality could change the internet" (video): link
  • "'Net Neutrality' is ending. Here's how your internet could change" (article): link
"Wikipedia - Net Neutrality": link
Background: While technology is increasingly integrated into daily life, there are still many who lack access to the Internet or digital technology. In rural areas there are challenges building networks to connect geographically sparse populations, but even in cities some groups or areas have relatively less access to the Internet or knowledge of how to use it. Your candidate is worried that while technology is bringing social and economic benefits to many, there are others being left behind.


  • "Eliminating the Digital Divide" (video): link
  • "Internet/Broadband Fact Sheet" (article): link
Wikipedia - the Digital Divide: link
Background: While the Internet is used to share many useful services and information, there are growing concerns about the way that the Internet can be used to spread damaging information ranging from national secrets to calls for violence. Censoring this information may provide some people with increased security, but potentially risks free speech and the safety of social and political activists. Your candidate would like to have a policy that  balances these two concerns in a way that makes sense for our digital age.


  • "Free Speech Or Hate Speech: When Does Online Hate Speech Become A Real Threat?" (audio article): link
  • "Internet Censorship Explained" (video): link
Wikipedia - Internet Censorship: link

The State of U.S. Science and Engineering 2020 | NSF - National Science Foundation

This report covers trends in and the relative global position of the U.S. S&E enterprise, including education, workforce, R&D, industry output, and innovation. Data show mixed trends. The United States continues to perform the most R&D, award the most S&E doctoral degrees, and account for significant numbers of S&E research articles and citations worldwide.