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G+ STEAM Magnet Center » High Quality Instructional Systems

High Quality Instructional Systems

Our Faculty and Staff are student-centered, collaborative, and inquisitive prepare learners to be world ready, workforce ready, and higher education ready.  Teacher and administrative development is encouraged through networking, shared research and information and professional growth; the benefits of which translate into an ever-evolving, ever-improving instructional system.     - MSA
Standard 7: Leadership
Magnet school leadership recognizes exceptional instruction, staff is coached to ensure that
the theme is implemented with fidelity, and decisions are made collaboratively. Teachers are
recruited, selected, and retained, and strategic partnerships are cultivated to meet the unique
needs of the magnet.

Standard 8: Magnet and District Relations
The district supports the magnet program in all school improvement efforts, includes them
in the strategic plan, and has a pathway for themes. There is a financial plan to sustain and
continuously improve magnets with latitude for decision-making and dedicated resource
allocation and curriculum support.
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