Chatsworth Charter High School

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G+ STEAM Magnet Center » Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence

Demonstrated through our commitment to multi-dimensional instruction focused on student needs. Multiple assessment strategies are employed to monitor student learning, progress and success.  High expectations are clearly articulated and personalized supports are in place to address the interests and aspirations of all students.  In addition, positive peer support, among all socio-economic classes has been instrumental in encouraging students to be more engaged in school.     - MSA
Standard 5: Instructional Fidelity
Teaching and learning focuses on theme-aligned instruction and researched-based design. It
includes student collaboration and problem solving with tiered levels of intervention and
formative assessments relevant to instruction that improves student achievement.

Standard 6: Student Achievement
There is evidence of academic improvement and narrowing the achievement gap for all subgroups,
and the school continually collects, analyzes, and uses data to improve graduation rates and
indicators of college and career readiness.