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G+ STEAM Magnet Center » Diversity


The cornerstone to offering students a global educational experience. Through recruitment and lotteries, we strive to have a student population that is reflective of the community. Our culturally competent educational environment models empathy, respect, and working collaboratively with a variety of persons.     - MSA
Standard 1: Student Recruitment and Selection
All district and school based efforts for student selection including marketing, recruitment, entrance and assignment, and transportation policies, are designed to ensure equal access for all students and reduce minority group isolation.
Magnet Application through
  • Marketing - website, videos, special events
  • Host School Physical and Virtual Tours
  • Participate in Middle School, High School nights
  • Participate in area wide Meet the Magnet events
  • Meet the Magnet Students and Staff
  • No Transportation available at this time - Metro drop off next to campus

Standard 2: Diversity and Equity
District and school based policies and activities to attract and retain students support racial, ethnic and socio-economic integration. All classrooms reflect the demographic diversity in the district and community, and educators demonstrate a commitment to teaching in a diverse setting.